Hello, this is SNT (Awesomeguy)
As the Florida Mayhem has been going through some major changes, I also parted ways with the organization.
At first this decision was very difficult to make, but as the direction I wished to go for as a playing coach and the direction of the team wanted to pursue has diverged from one another, I ultimately decided to leave.
Acting as a playing coach I worked with Mineral, and later by myself as Mineral left the team which came with its own challenges,
but it was a genuine pleasure to work with talented players such as Swon, Xepher, Bqb, Saya, Hago, Kris, Apply, Tviq, Mcgravy, and I want to thank them for working with me so well, as well as our previous leader and head coach Mineral.
I would also like to thank Mayhem's CEO John and General Manager Matt for respecting my opinions and decision throughout this process,
as well as the team managers MDS, Korean Mulan, the media team, and above all the fans who supported me through my career.

Now after 3 years of experience as a player, I decided to use that as a background to walk the path of a coach.
I am looking for a team, and if there are any teams that are interested please contact me at your convenience.

안녕하세요 SNT (Awesomeguy) 입니다
이번에 제가 속해있던 Florida Mayhem 팀에 큰 변화들이 생기면서 , 저 역시 팀에서 나오게되었습니다.
처음에는 고민을 많이했지만, 제가 플레잉코치로서 원하는 방향과 구단에서 원하는 방향성에 차이가 생기면서 결국 팀과는 이별을 하는 결정을 내리게 되었습니다.
이번시즌 플레잉코치로서 일하면서 대부분 미네랄과 둘이서 일해오고 미네랄이 팀에서 나간후 혼자서 코치일을 하느라 힘든점이 많긴했지만 좋은 선수들인 Swon Xepher Bqb Saya Hago Kris Apply Mcgravy Tviq 과 함께할수있어 즐거웠고, 잘따라주던 선수들,항상 이끌어준 전 헤드코치 미네랄에게 감사를 전하고싶습니다.
그리고 팀에서 나오는 과정에서 저의 선택과 의견들을 늘 존중해주고 대화해주신 John사장님과 Matt에게 정말감사드리고 항상곁에서 도와주신 MDS,MULAN 매니저님들 미디어팀, 그리고 응원해주신 팬분들께 정말 감사드립니다.

그리고 이제 저는 3년간 계속해왔던 선수에서 벗어나, 지금까지 선수생활을 해온 경험을 바탕으로 코치의 길을 걷기로 결정했습니다.
현재 코치로서 팀을 구하는중이며, 관심있으시면 언제든 연락 부탁드립니다.

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