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26th May 2019 from TwitLonger

Goodbye for now?

Since some people have been asking, for those who want to know or care, this was my last split as a player in UK. As you know I came back last November after a long break to play full time for a few months and see how it goes. Following this split I have instead made the decision to pursue a career in science or a PhD and abandon league as a career path since for starters I don't think I am good enough / have the same drive towards the game as I once had to make it anywhere big with as a player, but most importantly I don't enjoy playing the game or get the same amount of fulfilment or satisfaction from it as I once did, and obviously in this business if you can't give 110% and rise above everyone else you won't exactly be a standout / super successful player, so with that in mind it just doesn't make sense for me to continue putting my life on pause and continue playing whilst remaining unhappy. I will continue to watch the game and participate within the scene because I cherish the friends I've made over the years and I do still love the game, so I would perhaps come back after a split or two to try my hand at coaching if I get the opportunity to do so, as the brief experiences I've had with it have been really enjoyable, and I really think keeping league as a personal hobby rather than a job will increase my joy for it whilst I prioritise other things IRL aswell.

Until then catch me inting in soloq with my new roleswapped adc and shitposting on twitter. Big thanks to Barrage for having me on as their jungler, and much love to all the uk lads tryin to make it xoxo

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