TigerZ · @TigxrZ

21st May 2019 from TwitLonger

The end of a journey.

Wow. I'm quitting siege. What a journey, nearly 4 years of my life. I still get enjoyment out of playing comp, but the commitment is too hard to balance with IRL.

@Dgtl_R6 and I have been teammates for 3 years and I couldn't imagine spending that much time online with anyone else. The potential he has in the scene is incredible and I look forward to watching his journey as a spectator. EXT has been my only team and it's going to be tough stepping down, but I have full confidence they'll continue to shine.

I want to quickly thank my teammates - past and present - as well as @ExtricityGG for picking us up from nothing.

I'll still be lurking around and who knows what the future holds 💪

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