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I got e-girl brigaded on Twitter.

r/leagueoflegends and no other subreddit would let me post about it despite me asking if I can cut the post to make it less controversial. They said there's no way they'll let this be posted. I argued that they let Masterfiend post about a very similar situation in which Tyler1 pretty much sent his bullies + asked Riot personally to ban him. This post is formatted for Reddit.

Title: I got e-girl brigaded on Twitter. They sent dozens of tickets about me and I got permabanned for these chat logs. And yes, I'm a girl (relevant).

Ok bros. To preface, I use Reddit but never post so please excuse me if I screw up formatting as I'm very much new to this. I have a friend guiding me step-by-step on how to use Reddit functions and he's very helpful.

Straight to the drama.

I was involved in some Twitter drama that happened 3 days ago, May 16. Long story short, a girl posted on Twitter some screenshots of what my premade said in all chat in a normal game, and it got a lot of attention. Some notable figures that commented include female streamers, Riot employees, and other well known "e-girls with twitters".

This is one of Riot support's responses + original tweets can be found here (linking this thread because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link her Twitter...rules say "Don't Address Individuals" so this is the safer bet)"

I am ( ). I discovered the tweet through a friend. Otherwise I probably never would've found it because I don't use Twitter or social media. As you can see from the comments, there are varied responses and I have my opinions on them, but I will mostly address RiotSupport. A lot of people were @ing at RiotSupport to get me permabanned. None of us thought we would receive any punishment because quite frankly, nothing we said is worth more than a chat restriction and I as well as many people I know have said much worse without any punishment.

E-girls rejoice because I logged on this morning to find my account permabanned!

This is the chat log:

entire log:

My boyfriend (RELTIH A) was 14 day banned. I was perma'ed because that account was 14 day'ed already (I got 14 day'ed with an empty chat log for something I said to someone privately, but that's not the point of discussion in this post).

This is where I say "I don't deserve a permaban", "I'm being unfairly targetted by angry e-girls", "wtf riot". I discussed this with a few friends and one of them said I should take this to Reddit because it's likely the only way to appeal. I really don't want to get involved in drama, but I love watching drama that isn't my own. I have no idea how this post will be received but if you enjoy drama too, this might provide some entertainment!

(Wall of Post Warning)
So let me start off by saying that I am not the perfect summoner, in fact, quite far from! If Riot wants to ban me for any of the ban-worthy things I've done, I'll probably agree that I deserve it. The problem here is that I don't think this specific chat log is ban-worthy. I've been banned and chat-restricted before so I'm well aware of what it takes. The only possible reason for Riot banning me here is because I got brigaded by people from a Twitter post made by a person with a decent-sized following and RiotSupport agreed with public opinion. The post was made with no context and showed only one side of the story that was visible in all-chat. That person also uses social media and appears to be friends with Rioters. I don't use social media and I am not friends with Rioters.

I guess to show context I have to tell a little about myself.

I've been playing League of Legends on-and-off since beta and have seriously considered streaming because I'm decently high-ranked and I guess if you stretch the definition a bit you can call me an "e-girl". There was a dark period in my life where most of my interactions were online and I got to know many people through League. I've been diamond+ for a while maining support, secondary mid so I've received my fair share of harassment. "Get back in the kitchen", "what e-boy boosted you?", "where's your boyfriend duo?", are all common things you hear as a diamond+ support main. Let me get this clear. I DO NOT hate women. Like most normal human beings, I have female friends irl who play League and plenty I met in-game. However, I DO believe in the negative things people say about e-girls and I talk about it openly with my friends because I have personal experience to back up my opinions. They are not random, misogynistic beliefs and I don't believe I have internalized misogyny. There is a difference between hating girls and e-girls.

At some point in my diamond+ career I would consider myself a bit of an e-girl because my friends list was primarily other diamond+ players I met in game. Naturally I got involved in some of the high-elo community because my friends were there. I was in Discord servers with some pretty well known e-girls and some of your favorite streamers. I know some very big streamers irl (happen to be friends already despite/regardless of streaming) and I'm 100% certain they have seen and acknowledged this tweet. So it got a lot more attention than I would expect. I didn't interact with e-girls but I heard lots of things about specific people. I joined League before this was even a thing. I've played since before the e-girl inception (I'm an old woman), so when I came back to play after a long break, I was surprised that this sort of community even existed. The Twitter post was shared and commented on a lot and I recognized almost every single "e-girl" who commented. Many stereotypes about e-girls are based on truth. The ones I know of may or may not have engaged in something called "MMR boosting" where someone of a higher rank (preferably a high-elo e-boy) plays on their account (this is against the terms of service btw and warrants a ban!). There was one specific girl in the comments I instantly recognized as someone I used to play with. I played with a group of good friends (one knows her irl) and every time someone invited her to our game we acted like the world was ending. We'd say in Discord things like "Oh my god this girl is really boosted", "HMM she has an incredibly high winrate on __!", "we're gonna lose", etc. You get the picture.

So HOW does this lead to my permaban? Here I explain the chat log, piece by piece.

I was playing normals with a premade (my boyfriend + a friend). I typed in champ select "hey sisters gay ___ here" because I was watching a YouTube video about the James Charles drama. Yes, I probably shouldn't type that in chat and I'm aware the word is flagged so I used an unflagged version of it. It's mostly an inside joke and part of my autistic ramblings. Riot would be correct to chat restrict me for saying it but I don't think the word itself used once in the entire history of that account warrants a permaban.

We got into the loading screen and I saw a username I recognized from my time as an e-girl. I said out-loud that I know of this person and I know they associate with well known e-girls/have that kind of friend group. My boyfriend, who is more unabashed about his feelings towards them began the flame. I was barely paying attention to the game because I was on Reddit/watching YouTube videos, so I didn't remember exactly what was said. His flame was more severe but reading it through, I don't think it was as bad as everyone thinks; Definitely not worth a 14-day ban. I have played this game from the beginning and I will just say that on a butthurt scale of 1/10, what my boyfriend said was 4/10 and what I said was 2/10. Being a "woman in gaming" I have talked to him before about toning it down and warned him about accusing women about things he can't be sure of. I told him in that game that I'm not sure whether that person was boosted or not. I have had MUCH worse said to me on many different accounts and I kind of take it as a reality of gaming. No one who I've ever reported for sexism has ever been punished. That's all I will say about him because he's not the point of this post. He can make his own post/appeal if he wants. Oh and to the e-girl brigade: No, he's not a "sad lonely virgin irl". I know it's your default insult but I'd like to point out how little it makes sense.

Into the game I said "girl flashes at the first sight of danger" and I completely stand behind that. I was Thresh and every time I walked up to her she instantly flashed before I even threw a hook. Some of the hooks weren't going to land. One of the hooks was when I was completely alone and she was surrounded by her team, so if she allowed herself to get hooked I would've died because I would've cc'ed myself for 1.5 seconds. This was a comment on her GAMEPLAY and I would've said it regardless of whether the person was male or female, friend or stranger. It was just not what I expected from someone of that rank because I am nearly the same rank. Maybe that person was watching James Charles videos like me and wasn't 100% that game. Who knows.

The rest of the chat log was memes. "i'm a woman", "btw i'm a girl", "i'm literally a girl" are things I say because my favorite female streamer. I can't mention her name because I'm sure she doesn't want to be mentioned, but she's great. She's a support main but her entire persona is making fun of herself and satirizing the twitch e-thot thing. She pretends to love money and donations and spams "are you hitting on me?" when she gets flamed. She has a small community but it's friendly and non-toxic (unlike me xd).

"being a girl on the internet is incredibly difficult. we all deserve our elo. women's rights!". Again, memeing, and they are all references to my favorite streamers. I say these things randomly all the time and they aren't targeted towards anyone in particular. Sometimes I say things like "I'm sorry I'm a woman I can't land skillshots". "Can I support? I'm a girl and I don't know how to do anything else". It's my version of self-deprecating humor because I get called worse if I don't make fun of myself. And let's be honest. It's what a lot of people are thinking.

Sometimes, I do take a dump on e-girls who I know for a fact are "MMR boosted". If I see one, I type in all chat things like "You seem to be very good at Master Yi and you used to have a 68% winrate to Grandmasters until recently when you dropped to D4 0LP playing support. Why don't you continue to play Master Yi?" (real story). I report them for cheating and guess what. Nothing happens! Masterfiend was banned for boosting ONCE when he was homeless and literally starving. But e-girls are an exception.

Post game I said in Discord, "Oh god, she's gonna make a Twitter post about us. The e-girls are coming after me".

I apologize if our comments hurt this person and if the accusations were unfounded. I genuinely felt bad afterwards because I receive the same type of treatment and it seemed like this person took it personally. I will work on my boyfriend. We thought what we thought because of experience, and because I know for a fact that this person's acquaintances "may or may not have engaged in something called MMR boosting". My opinion of e-girls honestly probably won't change but I don't think my personal feelings, and the fact that I was brigaded on Twitter, should cause me to get permabanned.

Also I'd like to point out the hypocrisy in some of the commentors of the Twitter post. "Something, something, she got really good at Leblanc all of sudden". Are you saying that a girl couldn't possibly be good at a champion that isn't a stereotypical girl champion? Hmm...
Leblanc is my QUEEN.

(To Riot)
1) The purpose of this post is to show that I was unfairly punished, and I'm appealing my ban.
2) To make it fair you need to consistently ban people for the same offenses, not just the person who was talked about on Twitter. I sent you a ticket about two people who harassed me non-stop in 3 ARAM GAMES with the exact same rhetoric but MUCH WORSE and you didn't ban them.
3) Consistency has been a problem for a while and it seems like Riot tends to side with people who have big followings, or they know personally.
4) Ban people for boosting.
5) You didn't ban just one, but TWO people who got Twitter brigaded.
6) I'm OK with being permabanned for anything ban-worthy. This is not it.

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