Epicenter admin

I usually don't post tweets or go to the public with complaints but I'm doing this because I hope it takes care of a headache that's been happening for quite some time.

This Epicenter qualifier is a real mess when it comes to communication, and it's one of those 'not sure if I should laugh or cry' situations.

I'll refrain from using the point of contacts name but I do hope his employers know who I'm talking about.
The way everything is being handled is dragging the professionalism down to an abdsurdly low standard for a major tournament.

This admin is sending emo voice messages on watsapp asking what to do the night before we're supposedly playing Alliance.
Now we didn't care who we're playing, we have to beat everyone to get to the top mentality etc.
But what is not okay is being told that we play at 11AM the night before, apparently this changed past midnight after I had went to bed, and to my surprise I learn 9:00 when my alarm goes off I planned my day wrong.

Today, part of why I'm writing this up is because I asked for the 15 minute break to be extended as I find it far too little to reset after a potentially 3 game dota series. At a minimum I would recommend 30 so the game quality goes up, we have time to eat and go outside before starting another 3 hour (potential) bo3.

I'm met with a no even after I wake up 3 hours early to solve his circus of a qualifier.

If another team thinks 15 minutes is sufficient time in between two bo3's I'd be very surprised.

this admin has been pulling stunts for years effectively 'wasting' a whole lot of peoples time, I think it's time to realize that you're not cut out for this role.

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