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17th May 2019 from TwitLonger

Failure hurts....

As you may or not know last night we failed to requalify to the UK LC, there's a lot which could be said to explain why we failed but in the end, venting just leads to people being hurt and causing problems an I don't want this. I can only apologize to Newts for failing such a great org and owner. The man put so much emotion into this and we only produced failure... I've cried for the last 2 hours knowing I've lost a dream I didn't deserve as well lose a dream for others...

As for the next coming weeks, I'm gonna go ghost, finish university and focus on getting life straight. League is my passion and always will be. The people around the scene make me feel so happy so I'm not saying goodbye but as for looking for a team in the future, this loss hurts too much and I never wanna have this feeling again. I want to learn but I feel I don't deserve the status of being called a UK LC player. I'll strive for the goals I've created for myself and if I complete them I'll try to get a sub spot on a team in the summer. If not I don't know what next there is for me.

As for my teammates, the amount of time we spent together to fail hurts so much considering we tried to put in so much time to succeed. Whatever you all do I wish you well and success.

Love you all,


Finally, you were right Harry you're LVP and I'm not...

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