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15th May 2019 from TwitLonger

"Effective immediately, I will no longer be handling the day-to-day business ope

We are aware of the recent allegations made by a former player of our team regarding alleged outstanding payments due to him. At Denial Esports, we truly believe in the motto: “For the players by the players.” While, we are not able to fully comment on the situation due to legal restrictions, we understand how important our employees’ finances are to them; and, contrary to popular belief, We DO NOT want to see anyone homeless or in a financial bind due to esports.
The reason we entered esports was to rectify many organizations’ practices of mistreating their players. Therefore, when the team was initially purchased several months ago, the new owners took on and paid off most of the existing debt, even though we were not legally bound to do so. The court of public opinion is one thing; but, the court of law is a whole other thing. We want to change esports.
Recently, a former player has accused us of not paying him any salary for his contributions. While that statement is technically true, he did not say why he didn’t receive any payments characterized as “salary.” It is important to note that this player knew and agreed to the entire situation and even signed a declaration prior to joining our team confirming his understanding and acceptance. This was only done due to existing immigration laws regarding work authorization and visas. Since, we were not legally permitted to pay the player a salary until such a time that a proper visa has been issued; we tried to find a “stop-gap” solution. We had initially begun preparing the necessary visa documents so that we could have our immigration counsel prepare the visa application for our approval and subsequent filing for the appropriate work visa. However, during this process, the player decided that he wanted to return to France instead of “boot camping” in the US as requested by the team. After this situation unfolded, we were in contact with his local “agent” and translator; and, we were under the assumption that we were cooperating in an amicable resolution. However, after several follow-ups on our part, the player, without our knowledge made these false public allegations and seems to have also disclosed some confidential documents. However, in spite of this, and as a show of good faith, we have set up an escrow account with funds to cover the alleged owed salaries of the player.
As a company we must abide by the laws of the US government and we are following the letter of the law. We have not acted out of malicious intent; and, in fact, assisted these and other players with many financial obligations. As new owners of the organization, we strive extremely hard to make this the most positive organization in esports.
Under Xac’s tenure as owner of Denial Esports, we have achieved many great things. Some public and some not; however, we have come to the point where most startups begin to understand the gaps in starting something new. As a startup in the esports industry, we have been running too fast for our own good and we have recognized it during this visa process as it affects our players. Due to these circumstances, we think this is the appropriate time for Jerry Nguyen, our current Strategic Advisor, to take on a more active role in the daily operations of Denial Esports. Jerry comes from a business operations background with experience in jumpstarting hi-tech startups.
Effective immediately, Jerry will be promoted to Chief Strategy Officer. In this role Jerry will serve as the Denial Esports Executive Team’s, internal consultant for all day-to-day operations of Denial Esports. Jerry will oversee the strategy of the business and will provide input on improving all aspects on the business side of Denial Esports. Jerry will start with standardizing our player payment systems to enable more transparency into the business side of Denial Esports for our players as we believe it is necessary in hopes of gaining back the public trust in our brand. Jerry will also focus on building out additional business units to provide our players with exceptional management and administrative experiences.
Jerry and current CEO, Pat will work hand in hand to improve all facets of the business operations of Denial esports. Under this new leadership structure we will endeavor to continue our path to obtain the community’s trust in us as we take care of our players.

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