Being owed by a Turkish football club Besiktas (@bjkesports) 1,5 months salary.

Hello, everyone!
I didn’t want to write this post, because I don’t like to bring these kind of issues to the public, it should only be between the organization and the player, but when I am being constantly ignored by my ex-org, I have no other choice. I left the Turkish organization Besiktas in the middle of December 2018 and I am being owed by them 1.5 months salary (for November and half of December). I’ve been trying to contact them these past 6 months, I was promised payment, but never received one. When I left the team and asked for my salary I was asked a question: “vilga, even though you left the team, you still want to receive salary?”. Yeah, I wanna receive what I worked for, especially when I signed the contract. Lol. It’s a big amount of money for me as well, since I’m the one who have been always working and supporting my family who are struggling from some health problems at the moment and this is adding a lot of extra stress with this whole situation.
I feel like this kind of attitude by such a big football club should be to brought to justice, but I don’t know how. Hiring a lawyer is not an option, because this is very expensive, since it’s an international case. If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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