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13th May 2019 from TwitLonger

Denial English


to begin with we are therefore qualified for the pro league and we sign at Denial, we finally saw our passion and we realize our dream so for us it was an incredible chance. After discussions with Denial, we had agreed that we would have our first pay on arrival in Columbus and we also ask to have a Boot Camp to prepare FW, the answer was positive for this bootcamp. So we leave for Columbus to play our first two weeks of LP, when we arrive we are told that we can not get our salaries right away, so first disagree but we ignore to stay focused on the competition. So the first two weeks are not easy for us but we try to get the best experience. we arrive at the old Columbus departure and still no news for the Boot Camp for the FW so we are supposed to return to France, we took our planes, our tickets all that and 4 hours before departure we are squeezed we have to leave for Vegas because we finally have a Bootcamp. we arrive in Vegas for the bootcamp that has to take place in a hotel, during this week of Bootcamp, Denial booked rooms at the hotel for only 1 night and we found ourselves in front of the doors without rooms and I had to Several times pay for rooms for the team so that we have a place to sleep (heavy organization) .. well in short despite all that the Boot Camp allowed us to train to the max and take a lot of experience. From that moment, there was almost no contact with Denial's Zach CO and we had to talk to him about going through Wailers because the two were spending time at the bar and were talking about them both as a whole team (since Wailers was over 21 he is the only one who could go to the bar). We now arrive at FW and we start having doubts because the two spend hours together or in call and Wailers never had anything to give us as information or what they said to each other. So far we still have not had a single salary, FW ends and the CEO tells us that if we return to France during this week following FW we will be paid, so we decide to all returned and continue to practice in Europe waiting to be paid. 10j pass and still no salary (10k person) and so it's time to go back to Columbus for the Cross Division. We arrived in Columbus not in the best of mood knowing all that happens, but we try to give the best of us. At that moment, with all the Wailers team including it we decide to have an IRL meeting with the CEO to ask things and know what is happening for our salaries, the time is coming and Wailers does not say a single word of the conversation (as usual) negative answer we have to wait for our Visa now to get paid, something we can understand if it was clear from the beginning without lying to us for months. At that moment, we are given the choice to return to France to see our families or to go to Vegas, knowing that we wanted to pressure and talk to MLG about the situation, so we decided to return to France 5 the day before the departure. We arrive the morning of departure and there, Wailers announces that he leaves alone in Vegas, so we understand some things, and being at the airport we learn that Rated, Bance, Joe, Breszy and Wailers would probably form the new Denial roster. So we are 4 in France and the rumors continue every day, then finally the team is reduced to Wailers, Rated, Joe, Alex and Brack. At that time, we were disappointed because during this time our Coach and CEO continued to tell us that everything was just rumors but he still decided to bench Zeeked, Rizk and myself lol. In short, a few days later we have a call with Denial and they announce that eLevate have bought the spot of Excelerate and we would play at home for the end of the season, finally good news! LOL The team had to choose to either leave Wailers at Denial (who said he was sub when he had to play with his plans) or play with me, the team chose me after all these lies of Wailers from the beginning and we decided to replace it with ZaaQ. Finally, it was too good to be true so we learn in the night before our announcement at eLevate (everything was ready) that Wailers was denied his place because Rated did not want him, then he asked to play with Assault but same result, so he decided to take our place by probably going to cry at the CEO Denial because he is a very good friend to the CEO of eLevate. So they created this roster or Breszy is forced to play without asking him,

Three weeks ago I had a call with Zach Nathan (a guy from Bang Bang) to find out how it was going to be in relation to our salaries (15K per person) and our bonus games played / won. To make you a summary of this call, oh yes I forgot to tell you that there was a lawyer in this call and Zach told me dm saying: "I'm sorry for the attorneys. t enjoy this ". In short for you to summarize the call, the lawyer said that on our contact there was no salary so we deserved $ 0, so they want the game on the side justice. At the end of this call Nathan asked Zach when the lawyer left that if between us you owe money and he replied: "I could not express myself on this subject". Except we signed a paper that is the LAW, and who says we have 5K salary / month and this paper was seen by MLG and signed by Denial, but according to them this paper has no value. In short I am still waiting for my salaries and my bonuses but I wanted to keep you informed of the situation. Ah yes it's not my concern but Denial did not pay the spot to Overtime so to sum up they had a free spot for the Pro League and on top of that it does not pay their players on those have a good evening.

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