good bye siege + streaming.

Farewell siege + gaming
yes it might come as a big shook for everyone that reading it now, and yes I’m quitting playing games and selling my pc + siege account. i write this twitlonger with a heavy and saddens feeling but somehow I’m happy anyways, it feels so good to do write because i know it gonna be good for me + myself. why do i quit. Im fed of playing games. I don’t find motivation and fun in games anymore, I’ve reached everything in siege. Diamond almost every season, soon 7000 hours spent on this game and yet still I’m not picked up by any org to represent as player, it was actually the only one things that could keep me playing this game. Actually I wanted to quit gaming last year after I broke up with my gf because of my gaming, I played too much and “forget” her. But when redbull + T3h and more eyes were on me and my name went booming so I stayed for longer time than planning but kinda against my will. So everyday every time I sit front of pc I’m getting reminded by everything in past, time wasted that I could spent with my gf, time I could see my siblings grow up. Time I could’ve spend with friend + family.. and my lovely bulldoggs + bunny! And now I’m moved back from the old place since my time there are done. So I’m going to start in new company, Starting to workout, I wanna archive something I never thought I could, like be heavyweight lifter champ, or become mma-wrestler. and I may meeting a new girl and instantly I’m fearing to returning my old habit and doing same mistake. So I’ve decided to sell my pc + siege account. Time for new part in my life. It hurts as hell but it felt SOO mature and wise decision. I’ll be always here as supporter and will watch other streamer and enjoying their stream, donate em, chatting, you name it. Yea I know it come as a big shook for you and everyone. Trust me it hurt asfuck to type this twit-longer and makes you and other I know sad. Especially they waiting for their job/ school ends so they can come home and watch my stream and talk with me.. BUT i promise i may come back anytime in future with my smurf and little brothers pc to stream some hours of siege if I still got my skill left lmao.

I’m forever thankful for this game, I made many friends from playing siege + streaming, some people I know from siege turned to be my irl friend.

So now i’ll do AMA stream for 12 or maybe 24h so come by at while im doing my very last stream before I’m gone.

And i wanted to say to everyone who been supporting me through my time in siege. Every one of you that reading this TL and everyone who been watching my stream and playing with me or against me. I love you all.

Special thanks to @redbullesport @t3hesport @dieserks @Hungry_R6 @CuteTigerKitty @TheGodlyNoob and many mores that means a lot to me!
There are so many things I wanted to type here but at same time I don’t know what to say. So come by at my stream and ask me questions, ill try my best to answer em 😊

ILY - vaaxty

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