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2nd May 2019 from TwitLonger

My time in north has come to an end -> read

My time here in North has come to an end.

It’s been a learning full experience to play for North, and I’ve gotten to know my self even better than I did before, which I think makes the journey itself valuable enough for no regrets to be made.

It wasn’t a fairytale story like Rogue, but it wasn’t the opposite either. There were many things hindering us in reaching the goals we were aiming at. Some of them were in my hands and some of them weren’t, but also many signs of what we could be, when things were working.

I’ll look back on our semi final run at ECS, our reverse sweep in SLTV Shanghai, backs against the wall, facing tough draw vs MiBR, FaZe. Taking down those two giants and still making it to the playoffs.

I’ll take the 7 months as another chapter in my deep book of playing counter strike, and like in every book there is drama, success, tears and blood to be spilled - I’m glad that I once again learned something about myself, and as long as the motivation to keep learning about yourself in and outside of the game, what you desire will eventually happen.

I’m super excited to open a new chapter, I’ll find myself in different surroundings, which will hopefully help me to success.
I’ll look in the mirror, I’ll find the man I’m seeking, and I’ll keep chasing my dreams.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting, and it’s important for me to say, that the ones who’s been supportive while things has not always been easy, your support means the world.

It’s not easy to support / be a fan of someone who doesn’t always win tournaments, or reach the goals that he or you is aiming at.

But it is easy to be a fan of someone who is willing to sacrifice everything and give his all for the game that he loves.

I would like to thank everyone involved in North, and thank you for all the fun moments, and all the brainstorms about making us as an organization reach 1#

You’ve all been a part of making this journey amazing.

To my ex. team mates Phille, Marquez, Valde, Nick, Tor and Alex.
Thank you for all the efforts put into making this work, I hope you as well learned something through our these 7 months, and that you will meet your own goals as well! It’s been fun boys.

And a special thank you to Jonas, you were a big part of my decision joining North, I’m sorry things didn’t work out - you’ve been a inspiration in many aspects, and I thank you for being you, and for always having a positive mindset.

I’ll put in even more hours of faceit, death match, watching demos and improving my self, and hope to be in a new team soon.

Any inquiries feel free to contact me directly on Twitter DM or email:

23 years old, hungry and to be continued...

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