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1st May 2019 from TwitLonger

Regarding @REALMizkif and I's suspension...

We had a stream at PAX East where we ran into another streamer/cosplayer. It was very clear that we were streaming, we were never given any sort of impression that she did not want to be on stream, and she even seemed to be playing along with the stream quite well. She was basically making Mizkif out to be her bitch. Doing things such as getting in his face and telling him to call her "daddy," and essentially "faux-dom behavior" for the sake of humor. We thought this was great, and funny for the stream because it was playing off the joke that Mizkif's a loser. At some point in the middle of this, I turned the camera away for a few seconds, and when the camera turned back to Mizkif he said, "She just sucked my dick!" in which I sarcastically replied, "...REALLY?" essentially making fun of the fact that Mizkif would even say that, because it's very clear that in the few seconds where the camera was not on him this couldn't have even possibly happened. Again, playing off the joke that Mizkif's a loser.

After this, we didn't think anything of it, we thought she was great on stream and were even hoping to get to stream with her again at PAX because we honestly thought the way she treated Mizkif was really funny. However, a couple days later she DMed me and we had a conversation about the situation, and she explained that she did not appreciate that joke. We apologized for any misunderstanding, and truly believed (and still do) that no one in their right mind could possibly have assumed that Mizkif was attempting to be truthful, or had any ill-intentions in making the comment that he did, but we both agreed that Mizkif's joke was inappropriate to make to someone we had just met and he shouldn't have said it. At this point it seemed that the issue had been cleared up, our interpretation of the back-and-forth seemed to be different than her interpretation, we had all learned from the experience and were moving on. We understood that something like this wouldn't happen again.

Fast-forward a month later, and it seems that her legal team has contacted Twitch about the events that took place at PAX East, and we've both received our first infraction on Twitch and have been suspended for 7 days. We're currently working with Twitch to resolve the issue and reduce the punishment, and can't wait to get back to streaming. Mizkif and I have very supportive communities, and although you may be compelled too, we absolutely do not condone any type of harassment or anyone going out of their way to get involved with this. Thank you guys for the incredible support, and we'll see you again soon.

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