Bad and Wuji · @BosWuji

30th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

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false accusations.

(1) If you look at my gameplay POV from me landing I don't see the purple pump
(2) I tried to pickaxe the stair to get mats and get to the dualies obviously it was a mistake not to hit the barrels on the left.
(3) If you've played Fortnite on the recent patch you know that picking up items has been buggy lately
(4) Yes, I pickaxed the chest by mistake trying to get some extra wood by then it was too late so I tried picking up the purple pump.
(5) I've never duo'd and competed with XXIF before in past competition

Please stop slandering my name. I'm tired of these threats and messages going around when I've done nothing wrong. Don't waste my time anymore with this bs.

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