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25th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Hub Settings

Please note this is the current settings, they can and might be changed anytime those updates will be posted on the twitter @GlobalComLeague so make sure you follow the twitter.

Check in time: 60 seconds.
Join type: Solo
Anti-cheat is required to play.

There are 3 types of captain roles that you can get with buying it for a month or 3 months, High Tier Captain, Medium Tier, and Low Tier. This is that we can make money with it and keep the prize pool alive. As a captain, you are able to choose your teammates, ban and pick maps / server locations.

If a player doesn't join the server the game will be canceled by default.

Maps enabled:
Cache, Dust2, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Train, Inferno, Cobble and Vertigo.

Friendly fire is enabled. (This means you can kill your teammates.)
Knife round is enabled.

6 rounds of overtime.

4 time-outs of 60 seconds.

You can pause the game by typing !pause, this is only allowed to do when there is a tactical issue if not so, you will be punished for it both teams have a pause and they last for 10 minutes each.

Bots are enabled if there is a leaver the game might be canceled so don't expect to play with bots that much.

Didn't accept the match is a 3 minutes auto-ban.

Leaver is a 3-hour ban if there is a reason why you left the ban can be revoked / changed if not the ban can be extended.

If we get partnered with Faceit, ELO will be enabled in all hubs.

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