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23rd Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Statement regarding my suspension

I want to start off by apologising to everyone at Imperial, Stark and all the players competing in the global series. This is the first time in my career I’ve been truly backed by an org and I’m really sorry for tainting what was a great year. Was a desperate thing to do, I set myself up really badly to start the year financially and made a stupid decision to try and compensate for it and now I pay the ultimate price.

Still I learnt a lot this year on and off the pitch met a lot of new friends and I’m grateful for that. This year has been really tough for me I won’t go into detail at this moment but I appreciate all the support throughout and I’m sorry again for letting you guys down. Of course it looks hypercritical after my tweets but in life you either learn from your own mistakes or learn from the mistakes of others. I hope anyone really pursuing a career in Fifa follows my advice to avoid being in a similar situation to me at the start of next year.

Until fifa 20 after a break I will likely go back to work but Fifa wise I want to finish the year helping out those that support me, had a lot of requests about coaching if that’s something that interests any of you just dm me and I’ll get back to you. Also may try to stream again once TOTS releases.

Lastly massive thank you too everyone that supported me in the past few weeks both publicly and privately really means a lot. If you want to ask me something DM me as this is the only time I’m going to address this publicly.

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