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21st Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Regarding Manny at CFL events

Happy Easter Sunday everyone, I hope it’s going good. Just wanted to shed light on some of the administrative decisions going on in my region and make sure that nothing is being stored under the rug here. Before I go into this I would just like to say that I do not have any final says on banning people in the region because I do not own any venues and cfl is not ran by one singular business. My say is certainly not final but I am on the disciplinary panel where we discuss a plan of action for stuff like this. Also would like to say that Manny is not CFL. He’s Tampa, an hour and a half drive from most CFL venues but attends regularly. With that out of the way let’s hop right into it.

As you all know there have been some accusations about Manny making inappropriate comments towards minors. While one piece of evidence was debunked, there was still some evidence out there that was true so I immediately went into the panel to talk about it. On the panel we talked over the course of maybe a week before making any concrete decisions, a lot of time was put into the decisions we ended up making. We ended up sympathizing with the victim because you should never have to feel uncomfortable in your own region’s tournaments. However with what we had, we felt Manny didn’t do enough to seal his fate. We went with a ban until CEO, the majority ruled.

Now while there’s a CFL ban on him there’s one event he’s allowed to go to coming up, Come to Papa. Now Mink (the person running the entire event series) is part of the panel too, but he’s a guy who goes off of second chances. Anyone from CFL can tell you he’s one of the most down to earth guys we have in our scene. Mink and some of us talked about his event coming up and what to do about Manny, and Mink decided to give him a second chance so he learns from the entire situation. Mink didn’t want to just ban him and throw it under the rug because he feels like a lesson should be learned here and wanted improvement from Manny. We all felt like it was a good decision only because it came from a very rational place. If Mink wants to let Manny have a second chance at bettering himself in his own event from a rational standpoint then that was fine with the rest of the panel, especially since we know Manny and know he isn’t going to start anything to tarnish his name further.

It wasn’t an easy decision for us we talked long and hard throughout that week. If there was an indication that Manny was a danger we promise he’d be gone from our region period. We felt like the ban from our events was good to make the girls in our region feel a lot more comfortable following these events and show that we do not stand for these type of things. Just wanted to finally get a message out there before Come to Papa and to give the community a little closure on that saga. Any harassment towards Manny at the event will be punished and same goes vise versa. Come to Papa is this upcoming weekend and it’s gonna be an amazing event for everyone there. Today is the last day to sign up so please do so! Happy Easter everyone

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