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21st Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Thank you, Starcraft!

After over 7 amazing years of being involved with this great community, today unfortunately it comes to an end. We’ve met so many fantastic people along the way and built long lasting friendships. We’ve achieved great accomplishments together thanks to the hardworking effort of every staff member and player that rocked our team banner over the years. However, today we will be closing the Starcraft 2 team and focusing entirely on our Warcraft 3 squad moving into Reforged.

We launched our organization in 2012, our only squad was SC2 and it was at the peak of Wings of Liberty. With the beaming aura of the big name clubs and players at the time, I was 18 years old and really didn’t know how far we could take it, but I’m incredibly proud of where we ended. Looking back over those years, we went from being diamond leaguers to featured on the main stages of MLGs, IEMs and RedBull Battlegrounds events rocking our ultra swag DuSt logo T-shirt’s. We went from a group of unknowns to a formidable team within Starcraft 2. Even having players represent us in WCS North America, Latin America and Europe; and on the GSL Code S main stage in South Korea.

I can’t stress enough how honoured and humbled we are to have grown within this scene and have players and staff be proud to be apart of our organization. There are so many people we want to thank that kept our motivation going and helped build our brand through this game; most of you I’ve taken the time to individually reach out and thank. Any and all of our accomplishments were off the backs of your passion, dedication and hard work, which is something we will miss most about this community: You guys really love this game! I hoped with writing this, the least I could do is honour and acknowledge that. It was more than a Starcraft team to us, it truly felt like a second family. I grew up on this game and I can personally say I’ve had some of the best times of my life attending Starcraft 2 offline events with the crew. We will miss the rivalries, the heated team league matches and of course the offline events where everything online became reality. I want to thank all the SC2 community content organizers for giving our players the chance to be featured in your tournaments. The exposure you provide and the tournaments you host continue to provide active gamers the chance to make something from this game, it’s much appreciated.

Sadly it’s just our time to move on and focus on other passions. We want to wish everyone on the Starcraft team the best of luck with your future paths, we truly thank you all.

However we are not stopping here. Warcraft 3 is a game that really hits close to home for us and we will be focusing all our efforts into the teams’ success in that game. We hope our fans continue to cheer us on.

Ricky Robidoux “Bidoux”
DuSt Gaming

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