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16th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Apology and Reason for Suspension

So since people asked and I haven't explained in detail anywhere, I wanted to talk about the suspension.

A few days before twitchcon, I was in a game on gibraltar with a few friends, random competitive game. It was a short game that we won very easily. During the last few minutes, me and a random teammate tried to banter.

I said "Yo torb, if we lose this game, I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna kill you" mentioning it was the Liam Neeson meme. He understood it was meant as a joke and said "Catch me at TwitchCon buddy." I then proceeded to say "Fistfight me at twitchcon buddy" and "Let's livestream the fistfight."

In the moment, I did not think about the implications of what I said. Regulars and the guy I talked to understood it as banter and twitch staff acknowledged it was not being meant to be serious, but it was only apparent to them after multiple viewings and in context with the rest of the vod. I should have not joked about it and for people that don't know me that well, it could have very easily been understood as a serious threat.

With twitchcon being right around the corner, it might have caused fear or people being uneasy about the event and I apologize to anyone that was affected by my behaviour. I will be more mindful of what I say in the future, I will learn from my mistakes and a fuckup like this won't happen again.

Sorry to my regulars and people that look forward to my streams, I miss you guys and i'll be back soon!

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