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13th Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

RYE gaming roster update:

Hey guys,

I know it seems a bit of a shock for those who follow both EU PUBG and RYE gaming and have seen the twitter posts from all the other guys then you will know that the other 3 players are no longer part of the roster.

To go down this path was by no means easy and was a worry on my mind for the length of time it was an option. After PEL Phase 1 was over, I had received multiple offers from other teams in which all looked promising and if I'm honest the prospect of going back on to a team to which I did not know whether or not it would improve was daunting for me, then this offer to create a new team was handed to me, and sometimes its an offer you cannot refuse.

I have been grinding this game and league ever since before PGI and have been looking to become the best version of myself I can be, both for myself and my team. The career path I took is something I want to see through and strive to be the best I possibly can be, and for that hard choices have to be made. This was hard for me because I like all the guys as friends and wish them nothing but the best, this is something I truly mean.

Wan7ed - You are a nutty player without a doubt. You keep grinding and deserve nothing but to be at the top. Nothing will change my opinion on that. Great guy out of game and in. Get that determination going and nothing can stop you, trust me.

CupOfMagic - Great support player. Always got your back. If anyone needs a player who can be relied on, this is the guy. Very mellow and very happy to have called him a teammate.

Zhnark - Differences aside, you know that I have always said you have a great shot, and you keep grinding away and you will be back at the top, just work on your team work.

I know the community backlash has been negative and with due right too. It has been unexpected and a surprise to most. This hit me hard today and pretty upset if I am honest about the whole situation unfolding. I don't expect people to understand and that is okay with me, and I am not going to position myself to get into arguments about why or what others opinions are, I feel like the best possible thing is to show in the upcoming results. If anyone wants to talk about anything of this, feel free to talk to me in DMs

For now, I am going to stay off twitter and other social medias until I feel like I need to come back. The new RYE roster will be announced on the orgs page and will be playing in the upcoming tournaments.

Thanks for reading. Sorry to anyone who is hurt by this decision.

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