KenZ · @OgK3nZ

18th Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

Its been a fun run.

Over the past many years, I really cant even remember how long its been, I've dedicated my life to siege, today is the day I say so long. I've just grown tired of it all. Dealing with the org simply reminded of how one sided this business can be and I am just over it. Plus the game just turned into something I really don't enjoy, its just a different beast compared to what it once was. Its time to focus on other things. So hmu if you want to rob some kids on GTA. lol

The main thing I guess I wanted to say was to just give a general shout out to the people I've met along the way. If I named you all this would take too long to write lol but you are all truly some of the coolest people I can call friends. I will stay in touch for sure. I just need to move on with life. Got beautiful kids a woman I love and a new life to build.

To all the homies constantly grinding I wish you all the success you could ever dream. Don't ever give up, its on you and you alone to make it big, your work ethic and you drive is what makes you all stars. Its truly been a blast fighting against and working along side of you all.

This hole thing has truly been a very humbling and life changing experience for me.

Thank you so much.

Much love.

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