Stepping down as the QUT Esports Coordinator.

I am both excited and sad to announce that in 2019 I will no longer be leading the @Qutesports with @MikeyGTrotter. Although I’m not leading the program, I will still be involved in QUT Esports as part of the advisory board and as manager of the QUT Tigers OCS Team.

Whilst building QUT esports I have been working behind the scenes on completing a psychology degree and working towards starting a PhD at QUT. On the 8th of February I was lucky enough to move into a PhD and receive a scholarship. My plan is to receive one of the first PhDs in esports performance. My research is looking at the role of stress, coping, and mental toughness in esports performance. We all know that what happens in our heads determines how well we play, and I want to help us all understand what makes us perform better as esport competitors.

With Mike and I stepping down the program enters an exciting new phase! Under the guidance of @emilyrosemond and the coordination of @nicklynch_ & @deastr0 I’m sure the QUT Esports Program will continue to lead the way for university esports in Australia.

To everyone who helped us build QUT esports over the last few years, I cannot thank you enough. It’s the amazing community of staff and students at QUT esports that has made and will continue to make the program so special. You all know who you are, thank you so much!

I am determined to continue contributing to esports as both an advisor to the program and researcher!

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