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25th Feb 2019 from TwitLonger

My Response to "incredibly toxic and uncoachable".

I'd like to address the Reddit post from @ExcelerateGG's General Manger (@j0rdinho) calling me "incredibly toxic and uncoachable". First off, j0rdinho and I have never once spoken to each other, he has never watched/listened in on any of our scrims so the fact that he would go to Reddit and speak on business which he has little to no information about is ridiculous. I will be the first to admit our scrim atmosphere wasn't perfect by any means. Every team disagrees and argues because we're all trying to work towards the same goal. The problem I had with how we practiced was the disrespect that came with it. Arguments would burst out and become extremely personal so much to the point I was told "It's actually embarrassing how bad you are" and "Every map we lost at the PLQ was your fault". I have put my absolute everything in Call of Duty since my first event in AW and getting on became so hard when everyday I would get screamed at for hours on end. Regardless I still got on every single day, was never late, got all of our team scrims and put my absolute all into the team. So the fact that someone who's never spoken a word with me made up such a statement is crazy. I put my heart and sole into achieving my dream and got it ripped away from me, then was told I was toxic and uncoachable and people believed it. I was treated with little to no respect by some of my teammates and it was honestly a depressing atmosphere.

I was so upset after getting dropped because we only played 3 matches, and went last map 5-5 with a T2 team in eUnited. After we lost the Heretics series my teammates held a secret meeting without me and dropped me without even including me or letting me fix my mistakes. Thank you for anyone who took the time to read this. I just had to come give my side of the story.

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