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7th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Free Agent

I would like to start this by saying i have nothing but love and respect for my former teammates TeaBone, Molnman, and Michael they are amazing players and i have enjoyed every minute playing with them.

Coming in to the end of 2018 i wasn't the same person i was when i started playing competitive PUBG. I started to suffer a lot from anxiety and it crippled me in game and out. I tried a lot of solutions to fix this but even when i thought i'd got rid of it something would happen which would always make it come back even worse then before. After the PEL Qualifiers in Minsk i felt so bad in the way that i played and i let my teammates down, this is something that i couldn't ever forgive myself for and i promised myself that i would bounce back and grind harder to make up for it and make it into pro league no matter what.

However my anxiety seemed to get the better of me and i started to slip back to my old ways even after i promised my teammates i would change. As a result of this a team decision was made and it is of best interests that they find a better fit for the team for contender qualifiers.

Now this isn't to say that i have given up. I will continue to grind and work hard and find my way back to where i know i can be in this game. This is the wake up call i needed and i will do whatever it takes to get myself back to the level that i know i'm capable of and crush this anxiety that has been pulling me down for so long.

I am open to any offers from EU/NA pro and contender league teams as well as PCL contender qualifier teams. Twitter DM's are open and you can also contact me on Discord Ciggzy#0379.

Thanks for reading <3

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