To all my beloved fans and community

Hi everyone,

I would like to announce my retirement from playing Overwatch professionally. It has been a very tough decision for myself personally, as I have played since beta of this game competitively. It took me a very long time to come to this choice for myself and made me go through some very intense emotions. The journey has been long, enjoyable and such a great experience for me. From “google me” to “cloud9” to “team usa” and finally “XL2”, I have made so many new friends, and played with such talented teammates over the course of my career. XL2 took a risk that many other organizations were not willing to take on a much older player and I am so grateful to have taken that opportunity and showed what I am capable of.

I want to thank all my supporters, you all have been so loyal, kind and warm to me. I am very sorry I could not make it to play in the OWL, I have tried my best and played my heart out these past few years. I am happy that I am going to pursue a new opportunity that I am so eager and excited for and love. I hope to bring my all my skills and insight into the NYXL/XL2 organization. Playing Overwatch all these years, I hope that I have inspired any new players and more specifically support players.

I love the Overwatch & esports community and hope to give back even more now.

Adam ♥

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