ScoutingGrounds 2018 opinions/predictions on players

I'm currently rank 5 on the ladder, and although I haven't been grinding league much at all for the past month due to University, I'd still say I'm pretty knowledgeable of the SG players and their playstyles. I've also kept up with most of the players on their streams and played with some of these guys for over 3 years now. At the end of the day, the players results at SG will tell their own story, but these are just my opinions/predictions. I know a lot of you are my friends or at least on good terms with me, and if I offend you, I'm just being honest. Work hard to prove me wrong if you disagree. Maybe even take it as healthy criticism if you want

Jungle :

An Obese Panda:
The best way to describe him is budget Blaberfish. In a lot of ways, he has a similar playstyle to blaber in terms of aggression, but not always the ones you praise him for. He will gank one lane and camp it for almost the entire game and try to push a massive lead. Lvl 3 towerdive almost 100% of the time.Truthfully, he's successful a lot of times, but he himself never translates the carry into the mid-late game. If the laner he camps doesn't 1v9, the game is lost. I'm honestly surprised to really see him on this list, and that's not to attack his playstyle, but because I thought SG had a rule against one tricks. I almost only see him playing xin or camille, and last season it was almost entirely just Elise. He literally will do nothing the entire game if teams recognize which lane hes chosen to jerk off in.

Has potential to for sure steal the spotlight of all the junglers at SG. I still think there's a high chance he'll choke under the spotlight and pressure since this is a really important event for him(know this personally as his friend). Although he definitely has good communication and is easy to work with as a teammate for sure. As for his playstyle..I've seen him play all kinds, and he probably has the best pathing out of the junglers(right next to metaphor)

Will for sure take the leadership role in whatever team he gets on. He'll make good ass calls most of the time. Him being the sole leader can be both good and bad though. He can tilt if the game is going shit for him(I know this because we've been on teams together). If he's tilted he will make less risky plays and game winning plays because he knows hes fallen behind the other jungler (which he hates). He goes into full powerfarm hibernation mode and then gets more tilted if team starts doing worse. If no one else can lead the team(which is usually the case with super awkward nerds who can't be vocal if their life depended on it), the game is doomed. As long as theres someone there to keep his mental in check when he falls behind, he'll be best shotcaller on team for sure.

I think hes a nice guy, but who in the actual fuck gave this man jungle position for SG. I don't want to attack him too hard, so I wont, but I'm almost certain hes a support main. The only jungle games I've seen him not go 0-10 in is when trundle was meta. I have a feeling whatever team he's on will be a huge bg. He will probably make it a learning experience for riot to fix how they select people for roles for sure..


Plays kennen and poppy, the two most overpowered mongol champions in the entire game (if you disagree you're probably reading at 3 words per minute and its probably taken you 3 hours to get to this part). I think he's a good player, but I've only seen him succeed consistently on those two champions. I hope he expands his pool and shines in SG because he's definitely got the mechanics

I'm not entirely impressed with this guy but thats because of how little he's been around challenger. I'm pretty sure he goes by Q123123478 spam numbers/letters or some shit, but I know he hasn't been around for long. People like this, to me, are always the ones with the most potential to show up and do crazy shit. So lets hope he does because no one else on this top list is really looking too impressive

AKA Flaresz, Randomly pops the fuck off. I still think hes super inconsistent, and seriously the man knows how to fucking feed. When he feeds its honestly scary like I seriously don't know how awkward coms would be with him if he started doing it. But lets hope he turns his career around and shows up, thatd be a cool story for him.

MistyStumpey: I'm gonna be honest I just have never been impressed with his gameplay. I really tried hard to remember a time I was, but I just seriously wasn't. If him/Srkenji get on the same team I think they should reshuffle teams for sure

5fire: This isn't just him, it's almost every mid laner on this list, so fucking inconsistent it makes me want to throw up. Maybe one day, all the NA mid laners will combine together and form one NA mid exodia to be able to compete in lcs

Orianna player, I really really don't see him do well on anything other than that champ (sometimes leblanc). Ban orianna if you're vs him and GL if he's on your team

He takes inconsistency to new level, he's either top 10 chall or top 10 master tier. There really is no in between. I still think he's really good mechanically and its either going to be him or strompest that take all the spotlight.

Probably the most potential on this list for all mid laners, still needs to work on consistency and mechanics for some champions but in my eyes he has the most hope to rise as an NA mid lane talent. Ban ryze though because its his best champ and this pussy plays aftershock kennen so ban that too(seriously wtf is wrong with you if you're reading this? Aftershock kennen?XD?)

I'm not going in depth with these players because I barely play bot lane and don't really know how they do in lane. I'll say prismal and jurassiq both are really similar players in the sense that they have really good popoffs/positioning. If they don't play like shit under pressure and just focus they'll do really good I think. The other two players are not impressive to me and will probably be clapped by prismal/jurassiq for sure. (Tactical only good on lucian i think and sophist sage only seen playing ezreal). I really want to flame sophist sage but I don't know if it was him or the impersonator so I'm just not gonna say shit lmfao

Call Lin:
? idea who this is unless they name changed lol

Pretty good player although my only REALLY good experiences with him are when hes playing blitzcrank. Other than that I've never really been wowed.

Really good morgana/thresh player, have seen him solo carry lots of games. He's pretty vocal and makes his ADs play around him and his calls. He's a really good asset on team to have imo.

Probably best support on the list, seriously unfun to play against him. Only flaw is he barely communicates with his laner/team(know this because I've played with him on several teams). If he fixes that he can be the best for sure.

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