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T.Vu The misconceptions about the quantum physics achievements of the XX century

The misconceptions about the quantum physics achievements of the XX century
Vu Huy Toan
vuhuytoan(a),conincomi. vn
The twentieth century marked a major step for mankind in science and technology including the technique of radio (1900), superconducting materials (1911), cybernetics (1940), semiconductor technique (1947), laser technique (1957), semiconductor electronic computer (1957), information technology (1958) ... the physicists misperception that they are the result of quantum physics and at present, accounting for 30% of the GDP of a developing country, i.e. quantum physics seem to have brought about economic effects worthy of the investment of the society for more than a century for it. That's not to mention the illusory promises for nearly 40 years of quantum physicists about quantum teleportation technology, quantum computer, etc. filled a potential with features that though in the dream you are not sure to think about!
To expose this deception, the author will review the important moments of the so-called "quantum physics" and refer to the time of application and the corresponding content in science and technology has listed above.
1) The moments of "old quantum mechanics" (phase transition from
classical mechanics):
1900 - Detecting "energy quantum" (Planck).
1905 - The discovery of light is a combination of photons (Einstein) - energy quantum.
1909 - Planetary model of atom (Rutherford).
1913 - The assumption of stationary orbit (energy) of the electron in the hydrogen atom (Bohr); from here develop to the theory of energy zone of any atoms.
2) The moments of non-relativistic quantum mechanics:
1923 - The hypothesis of matter waves of Luis de Broglie.
- Schrodinger's wave equation for the micro-particles instead of Newton's equations for macroscopic particles (the term "quantum mechanics" was born).
- Heisenberg's uncertainty principle was proved from acceptance of "wave-particle duality".
3) The moments of relativistic quantum mechanics:
1929 - Start of "quantum electrodynamics" - QED - the relativistic quantum field theory of electrons, atoms and light (Dirac, Pauli, Wigner, Jordan, Heisenberg ...).
1948 - Engineering "renormalization" reduced the infinite in QED (Schwinger, Tomonaga and Feynman).
1963 - Launched "quantum chromo dynamics" - QCD - the relativistic quantum field theory of nuclei of atoms (Gell-Mann and Zweig).
1960-1974 - Forming "standard model" of particle physics (Glashow, Weinberg, Salam ...).
When talking about quantum physics - is one of the two pillars of modern physics, people often say to the standard model (after 1960) rather than the "old quantum mechanics" (1900-1923) or quantum mechanics (1923-1948). Considering rigorously and seriously, the concept of "quantum mechanics" appears only after Schrodinger giving wave equation with the full-infamous psi function that he himself, the father of it, was can not explain physical meaning of it(!?). So-called "old quantum mechanics", strictly, can call "transition period" from classical mechanics to the quantum mechanics only.
The problem is that all the achievements of science and technology brings in 30% to the GDP talking above relates only to the "transition period" (1900-1923) but absolutely does not stick anything to "quantum mechanics" or "standard model" at all. Although more than half a century has passed, the standard model has not brought any application for science-technology as well as for life, in addition to the expected sensational like quantum entanglement and cubit with "quantum computer" raised by Manin (1980) and Feynman (1982), "quantum teleportation" is capable of ultra-high security was proposed by Bennett, Brassard and the others (1993), etc .. etc .. Because of this ambiguity was used thoroughly by quantum physics community to deceive the public in order to correspond to his crazy idea for the reputation, the sake but not for science, or in other words, the propaganda attached to quantum physics is just a speculative move to attract money invested by the state and polish the names of professors, Ph.D. only. Physicists take indiscriminately all that scientific-technology applications and called them achievements bring to by "quantum physics" - it is a myth and shameless!
The "devious" is that the quantum physics is something that no one can be sure he is who can understand even the very its ancestor, not to say about one who is not in that field. Even a genius like Einstein to, until the end of his life, has also opposed it with the famous words: "God does not play dice"! Meanwhile, the experiments related to the microscopic world - the world that no one can see it -but the expression on the macro scale that one can see, world can not be explained by existing knowledge of science. The result is that people accept all the craziest theories, non-physical, non-logical, as long as can be so-called "explanation" (!?). The so-called "quantum mechanics" was formed in such context. And so for more than a century, quantum physicists worldwide have used all tricks to "through the eyes" of management offices of the National Science: Using advanced mathematical tools that only very few people can know with the motto: "Let's shut up and calculate now!" and then design the technical, experimental, trouble, expensive means that are not easy to an individual to be able to reach.
That's not to mention the fact is that "magnetic moment" can not be accurately measured by means of direct comparison with a standard of magnetic moment, so what they call "error under a tenth part per billion" (1/10 000 000 000) related to a complex measurements with least accuracy (is the measurement in which the measured quantity needs to be defined indirectly through different measured physical quantities and theories lead them), it mean more accurate than the standard international unit - it is a bullshit!!! In this case the international standard unit of mass have a highest accurate correspondent with error of only one billionth (1/1 000 000 000) - The fact that in the first measurement, the received data does not fit their theory, so they adjust the theory by adding the higher order correction thanks to a mathematical trick called "renormalization"! And so ... on both awesome!
What about the other experiments? Found W particles? Found Z particles? Found Quarks? Found Higg? ... All of them are just "knead" of the data as well as theory to suit their subjective longing! They have succeeded in cloaking and sophistry for that craziest ideas throughout the centuries!
Dear planners of strategy to develop science-technology nations be conscious to review to not "throw money out the window" by those phish styles, those myth stories! There is a most effective test way to debunk these things, that is please repeat the experiments of pass through the narrow slit of the electron beam or light (photons) with intensity decreasing down to the level of each single electron or photon by which will clear soon enough: No anything such called "wave nature" can be demonstrated at all! This experiment can be done in a simple way, not too expensive, but all ordinary people can see directly without any difficulty. The so-called "wave nature" is just a consequence of the clumsy interpret of experimental results but not the results themselves! Once there is no "wave nature", a particle always still is particle and no "wave-particle duality" at all! But has no "wave-particle duality", the so-called "quantum mechanics" must collapse because it consider the "wave-particle duality" is one of his postulates.

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