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8th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

Sorry about the wait lol

As promised here's a little twitlonger.

After RLCS as a team we were feeling pretty unmotivated. We were showing up to scrims and still performing well but it really felt like we were just showing up because that's just what we did. It's pretty depressing to get only a week overseas to practice with the best in the world, then come back to OCE and not have that same opportunity.

Losing in Gfinity was the wake up call for us that we were getting too complacent. Personally I was going through a massive slump and wasn't feeling confident to work out team issues. At the same time I was very tempted about coaching opportunities overseas so I wanted to explore that, and it was effecting my motivation as a player. Those are the main reasons for me leaving Chiefs, I didn't have that "I want to give this absolutely 100%" that i use to. It was a clean breakup don't worry still love those two.

Everyone should seriously watch out for this new Chiefs roster. Change is good for everyone and I'm incredibly confident Drip and Tors will thrive and be even more scary. Also confident that Kamii will fill my shoes without a problem, and provide a new flair to Chiefs. If they don't get top 3 next RLCS I'll be seriously surprised.

After sussing out coaching options I joined a team with two awesome teammates. I was so excited to play with these guys and really felt I could redefine myself as a player. Unfortunately university absolutely destroyed me with an awful timetable and time demanding subjects, and I knew I couldn't put the work that I wanted to to be a player this season. Being that guy on the team who is stopping everyone from practising is something I could never do.

I really didn't expect such a massive response from my tweet. Was amazing to see so many people care so much. It's easy to forget sometimes being in OCE that people do care about us and what we do. Was also crazy to see everyone talking about me as if I was leaving forever, don't worry I'm sticking around. Right now I'm analysing for Throwdown and helping out an overseas RLCS team whenever I can. They're going to win worlds and make me look good its going to be sick. Pretty exciting stuff to be honest I was getting pretty comfortable being a player and now this is throwing me into an environment that is very new to me.

Also I might come back as a player in the next few seasons. I was very excited to start a new team and still love playing the game. I couldn't juggle it with uni this season as everything was too last minute, but with more planning its definitely achievable. We'll see how coaching and casting go, but I've never been a fan of closing doors permanently.

Thanks to anyone whos read this, again never expected so many people to care so much and that support has been pretty crazy. You're all awesome. Follow my twitch btw ;). Will be streaming once uni calms down a bit. I'm not that washed up yet.
tldr; we chillin

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