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18th Aug 2018 from TwitLonger

Why I am not playing

Hey guys here is a small update about what happened in the summersplit for me.The team dynamic changed from spring to summer and I was not feeling to happy in the team because our level was not the one I expected coming into summer.I had some issues within the team , I saw the game in a different way and there were many disagreements and we decided to get in kikis and thought it could help us getting a better grasp of the game and increasing our value of practise.Kikis came in with alot of motivation and good energy and learned very quickly and played good instantly in the first week he was here.Kikis played the first 2 games because the scrim results were better with him and I had no issue with it, I tried to support him all the way.After the 2-0 I realized that Kikis fits better into the team (because I have many disagreements with some players about how to play the game) .I could have fought for the starting spot but I did not feel like its right because kikis fit in so well.
I asked vitality if they could ask topteams if they were interested in me because I felt like I could have a much bigger impact in another team, and since kikis fits in so well it would not hurt the team.Vitality was nice enough to let me explore options and I knew that if I decide to leave, then there is no coming back , which is understandable because the trust between the players/coach and me will not be the same.One topteam was interested in me but after talking to them for 1 week vit and them did not come to a agreement.
Now im at home in cologne and will stream as much as I can and grind the ladder.Im very grateful for the time I had with my teammates and the org and hope they make it to worlds
thx for all the support

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