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10th Aug 2018 from TwitLonger

Me and Universal Open Lan

Hello everyone. Before I start to write anything about the context of my situation, I would like to thank everyone who rooted for us or was caring towards us. I've been really surprised about it and it makes me happy. As some people know, I'm struggling with getting a passport at the moment, and unfortunately, I will not be able to get one in time.

Without my passport, I'm not able to go to Stamford for the Universal Open LAN to compete in the 2v2 tournament. After talking with the Faceit admin, fortunately, Ronaky is able to take a substitute to play in place of me.

I'm a bit disappointed about not being able to travel to LAN, but it's all my fault. I wasn't expecting such a result in a major tournament considering the level of teams that participated, such as PSG or Vitality. I truly feel sorry about the teams we beat and especially Method with Rix_Ronday and Borito B who played amazing and don't deserve to get beat by someone who can't even play the finals. Before today I didn't know whether or not I could get one in time with the emergency passport application. However, I felt like I still had to try my best in the Universal Open tournament for Ronaky and for everyone supporting us.

I'm still really happy about my performance and I feel like I did something this week that I couldn't do without Ronaky.
For everyone who is reading this, have a good day and thanks again for the support you give to me.

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