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9th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

One week ago, after 3 months of playing EU Masters and SLO, my path and path of @PGM_esports have parted.
The most sincere expressions of gratitude for this awesome organization for giving me this great opportunity. All the "outside of the game" things organization provided were far above my expectations which for I am grateful.
We were hard smurfing in terms of atmosphere in the team until last moments of being together. However, when it came to play, something wasn't working as good as in the past.
PGM decided to make a roster change on position of top and jungle. If was it good or bad or even needed - we will see it in next series of matches in SLO. The change wasn't related to my individual skill/performance/motivation etc.
Besides what was written above, last 3 months was the best time for me as a player. It was my first professional esports team. I gained some experience. I improved a lot, not as much as I could and not necessarily on in-game aspects. I discovered my disadvantages and parts of myself I didn't know or didn't care about.
My new targets are more clear for me now. I will not expand this paragraph too much. Only I would like to say that my next step in my "career" is focus on soloq to improve my weakness.
Therefore I am not really interested in playing polish tournaments. I am not in a hurry to look for a new team. I don't want to go to a worse team than my previous one and I don't think I have possibility to join better team at the moment.
That's all, thank you for reading.
zawsze i wszędzie lotnisko w barcelonie jebane będzie

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