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23rd Apr 2018 from TwitLonger

Fuck the twitlonger haters btw.

Last week, I announced to the team that I will be leaving Team Liquid.

This was not an easy decision to make. I love working with these players and this staff. Liquid was the first organisation to make me feel like a part of the team and give me opportunities to grow my skill set. The players and staff on this team both in academy and LCS are some of the hardest working and talented individuals in NA and truly believe they will be successful.

I want to make it clear that I am not leaving on bad terms. There were circumstances beyond my control that force me to leave LA at least for a short time and it was unfair of me to ask the team to wait for me to get my stuff together, especially with MSI coming up. I have offered to help with the transition by finding a replacement and they have agreed to let me do that but in a few weeks I will be leaving America probably for good.

My immediate plan is to return home and actually spend some quality time with my family and friends - something I have been neglecting for some time and wish to remedy. Past that and looking forward, I will be looking for some freelance opportunities in Europe that enable me to keep my commitments and schedule flexible.

I would hope my reputation is still that of a valuable staff member with a wealth of esports experience at the highest level. Regardless, for anyone interested in contacting me with some opportunity I will list the larger points of my credentials below. For anyone wishing a more extensive resume/CV - feel free to reach out.

--All 3 LCS teams I have worked with have made LCS finals.
--3 LCS titles, 2x EU and 1x NA.
--Semi-Finals finish at Worlds with Fnatic 2015.
--Experience building a roster, staff and team structure.
--Experience succeeding at the highest level and struggling at relegations level.
--High level of game knowledge and a strong ability to break down game concepts in a way that is easy to understand.
--Comfortable on camera and public speaking.
--English Passport and availability to fly to any country in the world with enough notice.

I am not looking for a full-time coaching or analysis position for Summer. This would conflict with some of the obligations/opportunities I already have potentially lined up but I am interested in consulting opportunities or a short-term appointment somewhere. Ultimately though, if the opportunity looks good I will consider it so if you are interested in me and my skills, I would recommend reaching out. I have nothing but time so I am free to explore all opportunities.

Thank you for reading.

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