Regarding k1to incident yesterday

FPL is a community and it is our duty guaranteeing a good environment for every player involved in the league. We do that by enforcing certain precise rules and applying common sense every time we need to analyze any type of report made by one player toward another one.

As any other community in the world, the member of the FPL are used to make a lot of jokes and we have seen an infinite quantity of memes being created in the past months and we do believe this is a very positive ingredient for the experience in the league and we will never discourage players to have fun besides playing high level CS:GO.

What happened yesterday is something that went beyond being a genuine joke among players at the point that one member could have felt being insulted on a racial base, which is something that cannot be acceptable and that is the reason why K1to has received 1 month suspension.

We would like to close this short statement by publicly saying that the issue between players has already been resolved. K1to has already gave his excuses to Felps on private and public channels and he sincerely understood and accepted the reason of the ban.
If there is any place where young talents should make mistakes, that is FPL. It's a school after all for them where they don't only improve in skill, but also improve on human relationships they need to have with their collegues and learn to respect one another.

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