Key to #forex #trading #success? Here is how! 100% FREE for you. There are many parts to being successful, just like baking a cake! If I made you eat a cup of flour you would NOT like it!. If I asked you to eat two raw eggs you might be grossed out. Now please eat this 1 tablespoon of salt. Oh and here is a half a cup of sugar for you. Would you like some baking soda to wash that down? YUCK!

Put it all together in the right order and temps and give it time and you have a yummy cake.

In order for you to THRIVE as a trader you must survive! To survive takes:

#1 Great understanding of trading psychology. Trading is literally 80% psychology so don't leave the number one key ingredient out!

#2 the accumulation of KNOWLEDGE This can be done through books or courses but for me... Candlestick price actions are the keys!

#3 Wisdom... that takes TIME! Patience and focus coupled with discipline and chart time watching... calculating... thinking about market flow and what is happening.

and the number one super duper high powered magic ingredient of ALL time.... is.....

Trade SO Crazy small that no one trade can make or break you! LEARN to take 5-12 pips on scalps......

THOUSANDS of times.

LEARN!! To take 15-50 pips on intraday swing trades....

THOUSANDS of times.

LEARN!! to take 100 to 500 pips on swing trades countless thousands of times!

Start with .01 until your very very good and consistent. Then move your size up to .02 for a week or a few.... choice is up to you! Do this over and over and over again


One day you will be at .10 and some day your at .20 and .30 and heck one day years down the road you may trade at 1.00 full standards on every single trade you ever do.

To learn how to double your account slow and safe see my pinned tweet. And feel free to watch 10 of the best videos on my youtube channel.

NOTHING to sell you! I have no goal other than to HELP you. Nothing to sell you now or ever.

Have a great trading day. Robinhood.

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