The End

As of mid-day, December 7th, 2017, you will no longer be able to access, nor will it be available in search queries.

My goal in running PRC was basically to just share how I personally felt about race car games both past and present. I am honored that many, MANY people around the planet shared my personal viewpoints, and I am especially grateful for the ESL individuals that have written to me and revealed they've used PRC to further their understanding of the English language - you guys rock.

Unfortunately, not everyone interprets the existence of PRC as a guy running a blog talking about video games he both likes, and doesn't like.

With my current position at SMS, I know a little more about what goes on behind closed doors, both in terms of development, and how the race car game ecosystem works. This includes how other people around the industry feel about things written/showcased PRC.

Obviously, any negative review of another game, no matter how factual or how many others agree with it and report similar findings of their own, comes under intense scrutiny for a multitude of reasons - most notably conflict of interest. And it's just a massive hassle to continue to argue that "no, your game really isn't that good, I'm sorry" when these people come knocking.

As Ian Bell suggested, the best approach from here on out is to just kill the blog entirely to prevent these conflicts from arising, and focus 100% on changing the industry from the inside with the tools and connections we have available.

So that's what we'll be doing instead.

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