Contract problems

1. (From 2k to 700 dollars) When you live in the UK and your family is on benefits (My mother can't work because she is disabled.) they give you a set budget to live in a house given to you. The reason why this fucking owns me is because when the government found out I was getting paid, they stopped giving us as much money since I was classed as fully employed. So on top of me losing 1300 dollars a month we also get less money given towards us from the fact they still think I am 'employed' since its a 18 month contract. So I've gone from being able to afford the rent easily and even help with other bits within the house to barley being able to afford the rent.
2. (The buyout) Firstly my contract is worth 36 thousand dollars. The problem with the buyout is that it is basically 3x the worth of my actual contract. On top of this the worth of my contract goes down because I'm benched so they save even more money (not paying me 2k a month only 700). A 50k buyout would still be abit of a long shot but far more believable from a business stand point.
3. (Benched for no reason) Statistically I was a top performer of the team helping us to winning almost every match that we won, to then getting benched for no reason. I didn't under perform at any time, i wasn't disrespectful or act unprofessionally while I was in the active lineup so there isn't any reason to why I should of been benched.

Thank you for the support and I hope you guys understand the situation that I am in, I know I am responsible for signing a contract but I was a 17 yo kid who was grinding to become pro for over 2 years, so once the chance arose of course signed. Of course I didn't realize I would get benched 3 months in for no reason at all. Hopefully something good comes from this. Thank you.

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