Last month

I have been spending this last month trying to fix problems that we have had so this doesnt become a recurring thing. Full time staff/better contracts / better insurances /all around better structure that I myself have let deteriorate by getting side tracked , the massive amounts of $ and investors in the space now make it no longer easy for me to manage like it used to be . We also had a contract dispute that went viral and I have been working every day to make sure both parties are happy with the outcome. Esports isn't easy I didn't start with millions of dollars , we are an organically grown organization that has had many bumps in the road be it teams leaving after big success / teams getting poached /mutual seperations or us just not able to keep a team through there massive growth because of myself not being able to market them efficiently which is my main job. Im not perfect or even close to it. These are all growing pains of an organization that has had success. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes in esports and people are quick to take pop shots or pick sides. There are 3 sides to every story. I am trying my best to get everything rectified so everyone is happy, and if need be part ways amicably.

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