Pedestrian Safety Warnings

In light of two consecutive nights of crashes involving pedestrians the Warwick Police Department wants to remind motorists and pedestrians of the following:

* Don't assume because you see a car that it's driver also sees you. This is especially concerning during hours of darkness or during times of reduced visibility.

* Always cross at a marked crosswalk or at an intersection versus "jay walking" across lanes of travel.

* Look both ways before crossing any roadway.

* Use caution and be prepared to stop for pedestrians when approaching a marked crosswalk or interection.

* Focus on the road in front of you and don't allow yourself to be distracted by your phone, radio, etc.

* Pedestrian right of way laws apply at all hours not just during daylight.

Our roadways have become increasingly congested and the resulting problems require motorists and pedestrians to share the road as safely as possible.

Maj. Rick Rathbun
Operations Bureau Commander
Warwick Police Department