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11th Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

My goodbye to the Rocket League community.

Heya! I'll try and not ramble too much but as you can probably see this is my final goodbye to the RL community. I know some of you are probably thinking "oh great this again", but this is actually it.
First I'll explain why I quit the first time, and why I decided to come back, just in case you didn't know already. I quit because I was living with my dad at the time and he doesn't want me focusing on 'esports', he wants me to get a job and go to college. Those two things would take all of my rocket league time and on top of that my dad's house doesn't have good internet at all, it's literally 400Kbps down and 200Kbps up. Yeah it's that bad.
Basically I was able to come back and start playing again because out of the blue my sister needed me to move to San Diego with her to help babysit her kids over summer break. Since babysitting gave me a lot of extra downtime I decided to start playing rocket league again. Now into what's happening currently.
As you might have seen my team flunked out of RLCS and RLRS. During that time our organization the Hollywood Hammers provided us an optional place to live at if we needed somewhere to stay and I took that offer and have been staying at the HH team house for a few weeks now but since we won't be playing rocket league for them anymore I'll be moving back in with my dad, and I'll be going to college and going on a job search, again.
Alright I might have rambled a bit. Anyways I hope that was clear enough to explain my situation to you guys. For this last bit I just wanted to thank a few people.
First, I wanted to thank the rocket league community as a whole. All of you have been amazing. It's crazy to think I would have never met any of you if it wasn't for a children's car soccer game 😂. This chapter of my life has been full of ups and downs but I'm grateful for the experience nonetheless.
Second, I wanted to thank the Hollywood Hammers for by far being the best organization I've had a chance to work with! Although things didn't work out in the end they have amazing staff and management and it was a joy to meet all of them.
Third, I'd like to thank all of my previous teammates for all of the great memories and fun times we've shared.
Okay I rambled quite a bit 😅. If you're wondering if I'll still be involved with rocket league the answer is.. I honestly don't know. I suppose time will tell.

- DarkFire <3

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