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31st Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

Overwatch contenders (Singularity spot)

So as everyone now knows I'll be playing this week in European contenders under the Singularity spot.

Earlier this week I heard about the fact that the Danish roster was going to disband so me and Fischer spoke to Kellex about potentially taking over the spot. The original roster all agreed as they weren't going to use it. We had only a few hours to select a roster before the roster lock so everything was a bit of a rush.

Few important things to note:
This team is purely a tool for the players to a) stay warm on a competitive level via scrimming and competing regularly b) potentially gain exposure for the upcoming OWL. This means that all players have agreed that should OWL trial opportunities arise we will prioritise that for any player.

That being said the team has no relation to the Singularity Organisation at all but we are not able/allowed to change the team name so we are stuck with it.

So basically: still LFT OWL

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