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15th Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

Farewell Jordan and Shroud. I love you guys

From watching these two from the start of my career and to competing alongside with them, it's unbelievable how this long journey felt so short. I'd like to thank these two for being apart of giving me the opportunity to compete around the world.

Mike was always an admirable and good teammate. The crazy thing is that it translates to his personality as well. The atmosphere was always calm because of him and people wouldn't understand that until they know you. Putting faith in me and saying that I will be a good player. Regardless what the community says, in my mind you're still a good player, but found love to do something else and I respect it and support you all the way. He's the best aimer in the world because all his mechanics are natural and it looks the flashiest with no effort.

As for Jordan, he changed my life. The closest friend on the team and guided me in game at the start. Didn't do it well...but, 😂. He guided me in life as well and matured me as a person quickly. His personality is unreal and most of you can see the funny side of him from the outside, but a person like this is a friend everyone has wished for. Willing to forgive and forgive and forgive me after the constant mistakes i've made. It's heartbreaking to be apart of the decision to bench a player who was known as a god from 1.6 and a future legend. LANs won't be the same without you, man:(

It's painful to put personal relationships aside from business and hoping that these decisions will make my career brighter. These two people changed my life and I love them for that. I hope to compete with you guys someway or another, one day.


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