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14th Jun 2017 from TwitLonger

The future of the Rocket League EsportsWikis

So, in case you haven't heard by now, yesterday GAMURS, the company who owns EsportsWikis, suddenly decided to not renew the contract of @RheingoldRiver or of any other paid staff of the EsportsWikis network, and are instead moving EsportsWikis into a new project called "Esports Database".

For those that don't know, River was the main driving force behind the original Esportspedia and later of EsportsWikis. She's been crucial for the development and growth of what is the most known wiki in League of Legends right now, which saw regular use for many of the coaches, analysts and casters of that scene. Over time Esportspedia, and later on EsportsWikis expanded to many different games, and as you know that included Rocket League. She was instrumental in the early stages of the creation of the Rocket League EsportsWikis, and later on has given me and Slokh the freedom to update and do with the Rocket League wiki as we saw fit, which allowed us to adapt to our unique features such as the Community Power Rankings. As such I'm confident to say we've had so far the most comprehensive record of the history of Rocket League as an esport. I feel very fortunate that I could contribute under her helm and that many other people also have helped to grow the wiki to what it is today.

We've never been apart of the paid staff members working for the EsportsWikis network, so we are not as directly impacted by this decision as River and the rest of the formerly paid staff are; however after some reflection we cannot, in good conscience, continue contributing for @RL_ESWikis. Personally I have strong reservations about the GAMURS' Esports Database project; especially given the fact that, as of this moment, GAMURS has absolutely no coverage of Rocket League. I've been concerned that because of it, the Rocket League would get none or almost none attention from the development team to get possible additions we might want to make that were exclusive to us, or on a worst case scenario, that the Rocket League portion might be scrapped entirely. As of this moment we've not received any contact by any member of GAMURS wanting me. Slokh, or any other contributor to remain within the wiki, and a similar situation is happening with other wikis such as of the SMITE EsportsWikis.

Maybe my concerns are unfounded and the project will be a massive success. If it is, I'll be the first to congratulate GAMURS. But as things stand and with the recent events, neither I nor Slokh cannot consciously contribute towards that project.

So with that, we're officially looking into alternatives. We don't want the scene to be without what is, in my opinion at least, a very important resource for the community. Hopefully whatever happens next will result in the best possible wiki for the Rocket League scene.

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