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28th Apr 2017 from TwitLonger

Exposing Blue Rose ''Owners'' (edited)

Original Super Nova Roster: Cavele, Me, Fockus, Yeniar, Korra + Our coach, Jreborn.
Jreborn added Boku and Jessica to the team, who later became investors.

We played for a couple weeks, Jessica decided to bench Fockus + Korra.
Hopefool was added as mid lane, "cloud" as support. "cloud" was kicked very soon after, because he was affiliated with someone who tried to claim that the investors were shady (Jessica) and that she was manipulating the entire team.

Super Nova rebranded to Flux due to Jessica's influence.
Owner of SN (Tyler + Connor) left the team along with Jessica because Jessica wanted more than 50% of the org.

Flux (FLX) rebranded to Blue Rose.

Blue Rose Original Roster= Cavele, Me, Hopefool, Yeniar and Filly.

Filly benched for bullshit reasons "wasn't full committing to the case", real reason was that he started realizing how sketchy everything was (rightfully so).

ANOTHER support try out, ended up with a good one who helped me out with tilting. He took a 2 week vacation and after that was our first "signing date".

Jessica lied to him and a ton of her friends, saying everyone was already in the gaming house. The team (we made a huge mistake by doing this), agreed with her and played along.
I told the new support the truth bc I thought he deserved better than to be lied to. This led to the support being kicked.
Hopefool (mid) was kicked, along with me for different reasons, mainly due to Jessica running out of time and needing to delay the process of curating a new team.
Someone alerted me that Jessica slandered me, saying the reason I was kicked was due to me flaming players and staff. Also lied that everyone had agreed to kick me. She was trying to save face.
Eventually returned to the team, the roster was better than ever.

Yeniar, Philthy, and Jreborn were supposed to fly out to the house- Jessica promised to fly them out on a private plane. This obviously didn't happen, and Jessica attributed it to "bad weather". This happened yet again, but this time it was because Jessica "didn't feel well".
The signing date was moved, yet again.
Yeniar was supposed to fly out to Phil's house, Jessica wasn't able to pay it for whatever reason. Boku paid for it. Yeniar goes to Phil's house and during this time Jessica is supposed to send the contracts. No one got them.
After Jessica could no longer delay the contracts/signing, she tried abandoning the ownership of the org to Jreborn to save face.
Yeniar + Philthy were told to go to the airport by Jessica, and when they arrived there was no flight for them.

Someone went to the "gaming house" the next day, and no one answered the door- Jessica's reasoning was that she had 'slept in that day'.
Jessica sent snapchats of the house to the team- however I realized they were pictures taken off a website, in a side by side comparison they have same lighting/angles etc.
I called them out for it and Jreborn defended the pictures. Jessica told me to "think what you want".

Yesterday (4/26/17) I asked Jessica to have a private talk about my questions- she blew me off to "go relax and take a bath". Today she went out when she said she needed to "go relax" for the day and that she didn't think we could talk.

The reason I am exposing this is because I'm tired of the constant lies and bullshit that these owners are putting their players through, and I don't want anyone else having to deal with this shit- you shouldn't drop out of college to pursue your dreams with these frauds.

Tl;dr: Jessica took over an organization by fronting as a wealthy investor- she delayed the team moving into the alleged 'gaming house' by a constant rotation of new players on the team and a lot of benching. I am not sure if Jreborn is in on the scam or if he was in denial and manipulated as well. She lied about how much she could provide for the team, and countless other things:

-No one ever saw cold hard proof of her buying/leasing a gaming house.
-MANY promised flights never existed.
-The team's "Signing Date" was moved around and delayed constantly.
-The contracts 'sent out' by Jessica were never received by any of the players or staff.
-After Jessica could no longer delay the contracts/signing, she tried abandoning the ownership of the org to Jreborn to save face.
-Eventually got caught using a realtor's pictures of a house she claimed she owned. Jreborn defended the pics.
-They deleted the Blue Rose Twitter, instead of clearing the air about any possible misunderstandings. Jreborn deleted his twitter account today. (4/27/17)
-Jessica lied about being married. (Found proof this girl was not married to Jessica)
-Jessica claims to have purchased MANY houses.
-Jessica has never shown herself in any of her houses that she claims she owns, or cars, or anything that she claims she has.

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