INTERNET MEMORANDUM: Anonymous Collective, Activists, Traders, Researchers


To: Anonymous Collective, Activists, Traders, Researchers

From: Int'l Sec Sect of Anonymous Open Source Intelligence Operatives

Date: 4-15-17

Subject: Edmund JM Dunne; Polymath, Banker, Inventor of Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology #DLT). Currently victim of silencing/neutralization by multi-agency cover up by; Barclays, Nightingale Hospital in London, Allen and Overy Law Firm and both British and Irish Establishments.


Edmund needs proper medical care. He is in pain and needs back surgery. He also needs treatment for PTSD. He was poisoned and he still struggles with the trauma/isolation. He was a banker for Goldman Sachs and Barclays. When at Barclays, he had to shut down 6000 Vatican accounts tied to money laundering and pedophilia.

He knew our monetary system was going down in flames and he invented the Distributed Ledger Technology aka blockchain to help us transfer safely to a One World digital currency for global settlements.

Barclays bullied him into suicide which he survived an attempted hanging and also tried to bribe him, out of court, in the NYT article titled: Disrupting the Playground

We suspect r=0, a term in epidemiology, relates to Edmund's tech as it is a vaccination of sorts for the global financial industry. Applied criminology.

After the last assassination attempt (date needs to be verified) Edmund went to Ireland for safety and ended up renting a cottage in the countryside of Ireland. He has been there 2+ years and is trying to survive on disability. He has to walk 5 miles just to buy eggs and potatoes. He lives very simple just to make the money last when he is worth billions!

Barclays took his tech and ran with it.. now they are experimenting with it in London and Wall Street and Edmund hasn't seen a penny. His contract was suspended and he was left on his own with no salary or health insurance + his lawyers ran away due to fear. People get killed when your this high at the top of things.

Barclays hired the law firm Allen and Overy, these are some of the most expensive lawyers in the world. So his hospital, Barclays, the Attorneys and both the British and Irish Governments are colluding to hush him up. They are all ignoring his pleas for help. So we have gone to 3 police agencies so far and currently writing the worlds embassies trying to get him asylum elsewhere.

Edmunds battle is our battle, a battle for the return of law on a global scale and to provide permanent peace and prosperity for all mankind.

He gifted his tech to all of us by putting it under the protection of the Crown. He did this with much hardship and personal sacrifice for the atonement of what the financial industry did to the working class. He wants this tech to be used for the emancipation of the people from Rothschild usury.

He is supposed to be a Crown protected witness in the LIBOR scandal but all have abandoned him. He said on FB the other day that he wants to give the Queen a whollup! LulZzzz

He is the only banker that we know of that apologised to Occupy Wall Street activists on camera for the police brutality we endured during that time.

It has also been discovered that employers of the bankers were murdering their employees to collect tax free life insurance policies. About 90 suspicious banker deaths total. We are battling the darkest forces on the planet right now.. gangsters... pure gangsters.

SOS needed, please decentralize his story.

Expect Us!

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