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18th Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

Naifu Sub Tourney 7 controversy & resolution

Yesterday night was Naifu Sub Tourney 7. Over 320 entrants with the grand prize being a Switch. It started off a little rocky due to problems with the DQ timer on but Bear and others from soon fixed it so thanks to them and big thanks to mmy mods for dealing with that. However, many were still DQ'd unjustly and for that I apologize. That really sucks.

As for the results, in the end, Shope, a player I never heard of and seeded very low due to that fact, won the tourney. He defeated Lima round 2 of the event which was a shocker since Lima always gets top 3 at my events and won the last 200 man tourney, so I gave him seed 1 this time. Shope played Sonic, with a very familiar style and many time outs on stream but you could still tell he was damn good. Thought it was strange but whatever. Luisfer took 2nd, a Diddy who sometimes stopped by to watch and play sub games. Others were familiar with him.

After I ended the stream, I went out to eat and saw that someone messaged me a screenshot of Wrath, a well known Sonic player who does very well in wifi tourneys, admit to actually playing in the tourney under the name Shope. I was tired at the time so I went to bed to deal with it tomorrow and I woke up to a ton of incriminating screenshots and info, including a confession from Shope himself. Interestingly enough, before the confession Shope sent my brother his address to get the Switch prize and his address looked close to where Wrath is known from. I couldn't believe the coincidence but now we had screenshots, confessions and other unfortunate information about friends of mine who ended up being in the know of this whole problem.

In the end, this could've been an easy scam. Wrath and Shope could've not said anything and gotten the Switch and I would've never known but they talked and now we're here. The important thing to note here is that this was a Twitch Subscriber tourney. Only my subs could've entered and competed. Wrath was not a sub. Shope subscribed, let Wrath come over to his house and played under his account. He sent seed 1 to losers very early(I would've seeded Wrath 2/3 with Cosmos had he been a sub) and made everyones time a pain who ran into Lima in losers. We ended reg 16 hours before the tourney started to avoid problems like this. So that this 323 man tourney can have good seeding and concerns can be raised/fixed.

After speaking to some TOs, my mods and my friends, I've decided 2nd 3rd and 4th place will receive the top 3 prizes. So Luisfer will receive the Switch & Zelda, Lima will receive 60 dollars or BotW, and Jade will receive 30 dollars. I know that no matter what I pick it wont please everyone. Obviously anyone who ran into Wrath in winners was screwed and unprepared but redoing a tourney can just lead to more complaints for a bunch of reasons. Also I just simply dont want to run a tourney again for high stakes stuff. This stuff never happened in my other tourneys. People do dumb stuff when big things are on the line.

This could've been easily prevented had I just been notified that Wrath would be playing on Shopes behalf and that he would sub to remain true to the event but they kept it to themselves to make it a joke. I don't understand why Wrath didn't just sub, gotten seeded well and beat everyone normally. Instead, everyone was fooled, upsets happened etc.

As for consequences to give out, in this world with alt accounts you can evade any related punishments I can give like a ban so it doesn't even matter. But please guys...don't do this again. Anyone. Just don't. Shit sucks hard. Simple as that.

I had been very excited for this tourney since last month. It upsets me to have it resolved in this way. But thanks to all my Naifus for the support. I hope we can move on from this quickly.


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