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9th Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

Statement about Lolex (BEAST T.O)

I’m Anna, mostly known in The Smash Community as Annapower89.
First and foremost, I just want to be clear that I’m not making this statement in the purpose of revenge. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong and why I think that Lolex does not deserve the position as a figurehead in The Smash Community.

I have avoided to talk about this, mainly because I was too blind to see how bad this actually is. But now when I finally decided to end this abusive ‘’friendship’’, I want to inform and protect other girls for their own safety. Not just to smashers, but in general.
I first met Lolex about three years ago and I quickly noticed he showed interest in me. I was very clear from the beginning that it was not mutual, but that didn’t stop him from saying inappropriate things, offer me money to go on dates or buy me things from my favourite stores. This has been repeated multiplied times when we’ve been arguing.
‘’Will you forgive me if I buy you something from Primark?” “
“I need your help with a girl, and if you help me I won’t cling on you any more. Win-Win.’’
A few times he has chased me because I didn’t want to hug him.
‘’She runs away when I approach, of course I’ll run after her’’ (no you don’t).
One time when we were at a parking lot he caught me when I was running away from him, he pushed me up against a car and squeezed my butt.
When a mutual friend heard about it and called him out he just replied:
‘’It wasn’t as bad as it sounds’’
Sorry Lolex but you’re not the one to decide that.
On another occasion I was lying on my stomach on a bed and he sat on my back, grabbed my hands so I couldn’t move and kissed me on my cheek.

Every summer in Sweden we have a ”Smashcamp” where about 100 smashers rent cabins and hang out. To be able to secure a spot at this camp, everyone who wants to join has to pay money months in advance which in turn goes directly into Lolex’s bank account. But last year when the bill came he wasn’t able to pay it. He ended up at Kronofogden (Swedish Enforcement Authority) with indebtedness for around 80.000 SEK (~$8800)
All of the money people gave him in advance for the Smashcamp went to liabilities for BEAST 6, pocket money for a US trip and paying a girl to have sex with him.
He's been chasing this girl since she was 16 years old and she used him to get alcohol and strong medication. Now he was able to get what he always wanted from her with money that community members payed him to get a spot at the Smashcamp.
‘’She’s here now. It’s my turn to use her.’’
In a brief period of time he got better because he got himself a girlfriend. I gave Lolex his 60th chance to show me that he could change. I wanted to move to Gothenburg so we made a deal that I could be his roommate as long as he behaved. Afterwards I realized how bad it sounds that we even had to make a deal about something so obvious. It didn’t take long until he screwed up again.

We were at a party and he wouldn’t stop touching me and when I told him to stop he got angry.
‘’Why is it always my fault, you’re never doing anything wrong’’.
I’m not doing anything wrong when I tell a man to stop touching me.
He took my keys to the apartment, walked away and scoffed. I got very angry that he was going to punish me for saying no, then leave me out alone in the middle of the night and laugh about it. So I went after him and smacked him with my purse in his face. He ran away and wrote this to our friends in our group chat:
‘’I have to teach Anna a lesson. She needed to pee and I hope she suffers. She likes to take it too far now she’s got to know how it feels. Hope she’s having fun, alone with no place to go. Her phone battery is probably dead which makes this even better’’.

When later confronted he lied about the whole incident to all our friends and everyone who found out. He is great at manipulating people since he’s had years of practice. And since many smashers only know him superficially and think he is a good person, they believed his lies.
‘’I’ve known Lolex for many years he would never do this’’.
He turned it around so I became the perpetrator instead. I was the victim but became the villain.
I searched for a new place to live in Gothenburg, but that was quite impossible to find. I couldn’t go back home due to contract with my work so I stayed there for a while.
Every single day I had to put up a smile and tip on my toes not to say anything that could upset him. Since it was his apartment I was scared that he would kick me out because he had threatened me to do so before.

I’m fully aware that I’ve made some bad decisions. I should’ve stopped this a long time ago and absolutely not moved in with him. One time I sat on his lap on the bus when there were no other seats free, a friend noticed and told me I shouldn’t do that because of obvious reasons. It took me two years to understand why. I’ve also been a part of the jokes, since my first day in the community everybody’s been joking about Lolex and girls - mostly underaged. But it’s not fun at all. It’s not okay to laugh about a serious matter like this, because we’re only making it seem ok.
I wanted to see the best in him and gave him the benefit of the doubt time after time even though I shouldn’t have, we were nevertheless friends and shared some great times together.
But - The fact that we were friends, my mistakes or that he ‘’improved’’ DOES NOT change the fact of what he has done to me, other girls or for abusing the power of being a tournament organizer in the community.
It’s so sad that all the girls who writes to Lolex in the purpose of Smash are being exposed to him, whether they know it or not. He sees them as potential girlfriends or sex objects. During our second Smash Sisters event last year he picked out the girl who did not have a boyfriend.
‘’She accepted my friend request. Halva inne (swedish proverb that basically means I will have her soon)’’
We had to trick him that she was asexual so he wouldn’t make her uncomfortable and when he found out she wasn’t, it was my fault that he didn’t have a chance. That didn’t stop him and he’s continued obsessing over her among other girls.

I was not the only one with anxiety to attend BEAST 7 because of Lolex. And I’m sure as hell not the only one who think this has to stop right now.

As a wise smasher once tweeted:
Remember, attraction is not a choice, but the level of respect you show someone is.


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