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21st Jan 2017 from TwitLonger

I decided to take a break from competitive Rocket League.

Well, after my former team Cytons split up, I felt like getting worse as a player. A few months later I met Jayless and Limbo who I decided to team up with under the name Ascending Aerials, hoping that I start improving again. Sadly I didn't. I got tired of forcing myself to play this game and constantly trying to improve, I simply stopped playing it for fun, I always played trying to become one of the best. I am still really far away from that goal and I lost my motivation to put that much time into it without getting "rewarded". It's the time that I should use to study for school and to actually enjoy my life.
Anyway, I came to the conclusion that I'll take a break from "serious" competitive. I'll still play Rocket League every now and then, will still stream and maybe even play a tournament with friends whenever I feel like it. Just not as regulary and serious as before anymore
All that obviously makes me leave Ascending Aerials and I wish Jayless and Limbo all the luck in the future!
I also don't know how long my break will take. A few days, weeks or even months. Depending if/when my motivation comes back.
Regardless from that, I'll always try being a part of this awesome community!
Love you guys!

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