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11th Jan 2017 from TwitLonger

I am however sad to announce that Pillow Talk has officially ended.

Pillow Talk was mostly only recorded when Evan, Kyle and I were already hanging out. We still obviously hang out but as a podcast it just wasn't produced as often as it should have been. I would put the blame mostly on me, nothing really falls on Kyle or Evan they've been total sports about the entire show since it started.

The reason I've chosen to end the show comes down to performance. Views don't lie. What people want on my 2nd channel is more TCG related content and not a 30-40 min podcast show. Maybe YouTube's recent changes are partially at fault as well. Something like "Pokemon Unboxing" will always be bound to do better than something titled "Pillow Talk Episode 5".

We might bring the show back someday but for now I'm officially retiring it. Evan and Kyle will still appear on the channel. We'll probably do some goofy unboxing videos together or something. I truly wish we could continue the show but my time will always be invested in what performs well on YouTube, that's just the nature of YouTube as a job.

I really hope I explained it well and that everyone understands.

Warm Fricks,

- Chad

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