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23rd Dec 2016 from TwitLonger

About Regi's reference to my tweet about George.

I think there is a misunderstanding here. Unfortunately, because twitter allows so few characters, i didnt convey everything that needed to be said. Because of this, Regi attempted to use my tweet to manipulate the conversation to make himself feel in the right and that HotshotGG did nothing wrong and that i support him.

Hes not in the right. None of the owners involved in the PEA are in the right - including my own, HotshotGG. The reason i even made the tweet is that he called me before the letter dropped and at the very least apologized for what had happened and how it got to this point. He understands he made a mistake. The unfortunate part of this is it was a mistake they shouldnt have made. He had months to contact us. He had months to tell us about the decision to drop EPL. We were contacted ZERO times regarding the subject. I even REQUESTED a conversation with CLG management about this and received nothing until the day the letter dropped. They thought we could be left out of the loop in a league where we were supposed to be informed. We were lied to and used, as was every single player involved in the PEA.

I believe in speaking publicly about problems, whether they are controversial or not. Its important to me to have my own voice on subjects, while still following and supporting my teammates and fellow colleagues. And i dont care if it backfires and hurts my public image - its what i believe in.

Gonna go to sleep and read the hate mail in the morning. Take care, twitter.

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