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12th Dec 2016 from TwitLonger

Alberto el Patron got into a (real) fight tonight at Arena Naucalpan

Alberto & Paige were at the IWRG show tonight in Arena Naucalpan (just outside of Mexico City.) There's photos of them at the show, and they were probably just there to watch Alberto's brother wrestle in the main event.

They went backstage during the show. While they were backstage, a local luchador named Alan Xtreme (aka Rafy of the Ninja Turtles) was nearby. Something happened - this part isn't clear, but something like Alberto thought Alan touched him, or thought he touched Paige - and the two started punching each other backstage. The brawl spilled to a hallway that connects locker room to the fan entrance way, so many fans saw the fight going by the time it was broken up. It was not a worked fight, Alan's face is said to be messed up from Alberto. I have no idea what happened to Alberto.

IWRG and the people reporting on the show have avoided mentioning it, but between the fans and the other wrestlers trying to figure out what happened, it's being discussed over on Facebook.

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