Susan Mix-Up Tools (Basic Options)

/// Foreword ///

Susan's mix-up is mind-game heavy. It relies on conditioning, surprise, and knowledge of opponents understanding. Outside of his fuzzies, nothing Susan has is unreactable and many of his pure mix-up tools lead to frame disadvantage, punishment, or holes with proper use of BB mechanics. If you enjoy making decisions and having to capitalize on player habits, I think you'll find his mix-up rewarding and fun.

If you've got questions / opinions / ideas feel free to voice them :)

= Content =
1. 6C
2. 6D
3. Command Grab
4. Lv3 Kick
5. Fuzzy Guards
6. Quick Crush Trigger
7. Throw Mixup and Theory
8. Conclusion

/// 6C [25f overhead, -2 on block] ///

This is confirmable. Options after 6C on hit or block are 5D, 6D, 2D, CT, any special.

---Gatlings from ~
5A, 2A, 6B(1hit & 2hit), 2C(1hit & 2hit)

---Notable strings ~
2C(1 or 2hit)>6C /// 2C moves SU a good deal forward so it's good for transitioning to a mix-up position where an OH or jump cancel could happen. condition opp to expect your jump cancel and then smack em down for trying to make the read.

6B(1hit)>6C /// Useful if Opp knows to IB 6B second hit and to close large gaps. Forces a bit of brain power to focus on blocking overhead(25f lol, but we take what we can get) rather than fully on the 6B mind game. Resets your position as well and sets up for the post blocked 6C game

5AxN / 2AxN>6C /// Simple pressure within threat of throw. If opp likes to fuzzy, 6C will drop them to the ground and leave you at advantage. Better traps for chicken blockers, but just another application

---Answers ~
1. OD on reaction is entirely possible and leads to great punishes. Practice noticing where the animation is and recognizing which normal to punish with.

2. Mashing. He has no frame traps into 6C. 6B(1hit)>6C loses to 6frame and 2C(1hit)>6C loses to ~8frame. Be mindful of SU actual frame traps though, 6B / 3C / lvX Kick are all rewarding if you get caught.

3. Fuzzy Jump. Feel this is probably the least useful defensive option Vs 6C. 6C has a hitbox high above it and will drag you back down to the ground putting you at frame disadvantage. It's still combo-able if you get tagged out of the air too

4. Block it, it's slow as fuck

---Blocked 6C options~
***A) Confirm and do nothing /// -2 on block and the safest option. Situation reset

***B) 6C>5D /// Gapless unless IBed, but that's not the easiest thing to do. Better to IB 5D to create a gap. SU is limited to 2D / tackle / orb at this point. 2D is straight punishable, tackle is on IB, and orb is a guessing game for both players

***C) 6C>6D/2D /// If 6C is blocked, 6D becomes a 20 frame overhead. This creates a guessing situation with 2D. 6D and 2D are both punishable on block unfortunately (example of mix-up) (risk mitigation)

***D) 6C>Quick CT /// Block-string unless IBed. Uncharged CT is ~19frames and puts SU at neutral (SU quickest normal is 7F). Reward is good for either hit, but need to be in the corner to combo quick CT. Gain ~10 meter back for basic combo after CT

***E) 6C>OD Gimmicks (Link leads to video of ideas) /// Most of these rely on the opponent being surprised by the OD unlocking tools. Gambling away OD is a big decision, but as long as you come out of it with useful unlocks you can make it worthwhile. With careful play you can get your burst back. (demo^)


/// 6D [20f(VS stand) 25f(VS crouch) -14 on block] ///

By itself 6D is a hail-mary overhead. Most effective when forcing a stand block first or you have 50 meter.

---Gatlings from ~
5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 6B(1hit & 2hit), 2C(1hit & 2hit), 5D

---Notable strings ~
6C>6D /// Mentioned above, creates an interesting diceroll on block.

5D>6D /// SU player said fuck it and went all in

Spaced 6D /// If spaced correctly, the hitbox of SU foot touching down will hit. Not as minus and you're further away so hard for characters to punish. ~-8F

If used by itself, just block it and then check their meter. Animation is easy to see


/// Command Grab [30f startup] ///

Animation looks like his dash and 6B. Can be special cancelled into, but 30f startup holds it back.

---Special Cancels from ~
Everything except 6D, 2D, 6A

---Notable Uses ~
6B(1hit)>CMD /// Good to throw off someone who is focused on the 2nd hit of 6B

3C(1hit)>CMD /// Same principal as above

5A / 5B / 2A>CMD /// Grab looks similar to SU dash and 6B startups. Condition Opp with pressure resets and then toss it out there.

5D(Unlock)>CMD /// Immediate unlock into CMD

Any combo where you are still standing /// If SU is at 35 meter or above, be wary of resets into the grab. He takes you to the corner and gets 4k minimum

Can be used to punish Opp with no aerial options left, as they land / high landing recovery moves (Think Naoto 5D)

---Answers ~
Expect SU to toss this out when he's got 35 meter (for RC) / after 5D unlock and get ready to:
1. OD on reaction and punish. Make it hurt

2. Reaction 7 Jump. You'll get a CH and crouching punish, have it prepared and make it hurt


/// Lv3 Kick [30f guard crush (must barrier) +12] ///

More of an awareness check / pressure tool than a real mixup. Depending on the SU player, you may never see this

---Special Cancels from ~
Everything except 6D, 2D, 6A

---Notable Uses ~
6B(1 or 2hit)>Kick>5B /// If Opp up-backs during 6B, they'll have to barrier the kick. 5B will check em if they release barrier after blocking kick. ~11f gap on 6B1 and ~12f on 6B2

5D>Kick /// You'll see this a lot when SU wants to protect his unlock. ~10f gap

Random short strings>Kick /// Forces quick decisions, drains barrier, wears Opp down in hopes of them cracking

No hurtbox on the projectile portion, so you can use it to bait answers if spaced well.

Destroys most projectiles, difficult to do and doesn't defeat sparkbolt / Missiles / Nu near sword

---Answers ~
1. OD on reaction and punish (Not easy, but doable) Feel this is the only true "answer"

2. Pay attention to unlocks, when the game stops during the stun from an unlock take a moment to check what just happened to SU special bar. Once you see lv3 is unlocked, you should be able to reaction barrier every time.

***This primer is mainly for going over options as mix-up. Kick is a pressure tool that helps mitigate issues with SU general pressure.***


/// Fuzzies ///

***I'm going to assume whoever is reading this that you understand the concept of a fuzzy, if you don't I can explain if you ask.***

An unreactable (Genuinely curious if someone can react to it) mix-up! There are multiple ways to setup the block stun necessary to achieve the fuzzies and two air normals to choose. Each has a purpose depending upon your opponents knowledge of how the fuzzies work. Here we go!

{{****** Applications ******}}
1. In the corner using jump cancelable normals. 5A / 2C> IAD>j.A>j.B are two easy routes. Have to be mindful of characters with good crouching anti-airs (EX Jin 2C) but AA reactions can be baited with double jump falling j.C

2. Any Safe jump works too! Unfortunately the safe-jump routes are universally beatable by back-dash or just delay teching. This at least opens up a new mind game centered around punishing those options. demo^

3. You can force a fuzzy as well with 50 meter. 6C / 6D>RC>Fuzzy string creates a nice mix-up if you are confident your Opp will block the overhead. demo^

I'm sure there's more and I'd love to see what others come up with, but moving on!

{{****** Fuzzy Strings ******}}
/// 1 \\\ j.C Jump in>land>j.B>j.C>j.D

~~~Usage: Easiest and most rewarding string. Use this if your opponent hasn't shown application of Barrier or IB Barrier

~~~Answer: Barrier the jump in> (string will whiff when j.D is used. Hit or block) //// IB Barrier the jump in>(String will whiff at j.C or j.D on hit or block)

/// 2 \\\ j.B Jump in>land>j.B>j.C>j.D

~~~Usage: Less blockstun than j.C, but if your opponent uses ONLY barrier to combat the fuzzy you'll still get a good reward

~~~Answer: IB jump in>crouch (eliminates mix-up) / IB Barrier jump in>crouch (eliminates mix-up)

/// 3 \\\ j.B Jump in>land>j.A>j.C>j.D

~~~Usage: Opponent knows how to IB barrier the jump in. This string will work on every character. Be careful with thin characters such as Noel though. If you use j.A>j.B as your jump in string, the j.D after j.C will whiff

~~~Answer: Easy to recognize when SU is going for the setup (any deep jump in has potential) be prepared to guess (or react if you can) The only real low option for the fuzzy is 3C which can dangerous depending on specials unlocked.

If you blocked the High string, IB the j.C and you'll get a small gap between j.C>j.D. IB the j.D and you'll get another small gap if SU auto-pilots 5B


/// Quick CT [ ~19f guard crush. 0 on block] ///

SU quick CT is surprisingly useful as a mix-up tool. 19f is quick for BB (white flash helps reacting though) and the animation looks similar to 6C. Reward on hit is good too! Can expect about 2-2.5k depending on unlocks / if you need to unlock. Can combo out of it with 2A or throw only in the corner (CT>Orb works midscreen, but it's not worth the meter) demo^

---Special Cancels from ~
Everything except 6D, 2D, 6A

---Notable Uses ~
5D>QCT /// Gapless unless IBed. Will close distance lost due to pushback from 5D

6B(1 or 2hit)>QCT /// CT connects from any range if Opp blocks 6B. Expect SU to try this when he's pushed far away

X>6C gatlings /// QCT looks similar to 6C. Can be used to confuse reactions

Tip of 5B spacing /// CT will connect and be combo-able from deceptive distances. Leaves SU at 0 which is better than most of his options

3C(1 or 2hit)>QCT /// Without kick unlocked, this is SU only way to end 3C with minimal risk. There are small gaps on regular block for both hits of 3C

---Answers ~
1. If SU<25 meter, you don't have to worry about it

2. If the SU player has shown use of CT, use your barrier during low attack level strings. If the SU is paying attention to your barrier habits, this should discourage them from using CT. New mind game arises now though if the SU wants to charge their CT. Losing half you're barrier is not fun in CF so be prepared!

3. OD reaction still applies here. If you can react by pressing 1A+B, nothing stopping you from hitting all four buttons. Be mindful that SU can choose to hold CT during the flash to try and punish you for throwing out a normal. Use your judgement as it might be best to let your EA rock

4. Block! This leaves SU at 0. His quickest normal is his 2A(7f). Your options will be based on your character, so go into training mode and test different spacings and normal interations. Keep in mind that while SU 5A is 8f, there's no hurtbox on his arm.


/// Throws ///

Universal mechanic. SU throw is 7 frames and he's got a kara grab (C~B) demo^

---Application and Theory ~
Throwing in BB is an odd beast. Throw habits vary wildly from player to player and it can be extremely difficult to create meaningful throw mix-ups against players who understand how BB works. I'll do my best to explain how to enter the mind game of throws because I feel SU has an above average throw game.

Info you need to plan a meaningful throw game

---Are they teching your throws?
Sounds dumb, but if your Opp isn't teching the majority of simple throw mix-ups, there's no reason to think hard about it. You'll just end up wasting focus on an abstract offensive concept, while your Opp struggles to tech throws on wakeup.

---Barrier usage while in throw range?
Scouting is self-explanatory, but it's necessary to know in order to plan your tick throw. If the Opp is using barrier you'll need dash momentum to actually connect your kara

---Do they throw OS (1A+B+C)
Scouting this is a bit harder. Simple check on offense would be to dash into throw range and jab. What you're looking for is the opponents barrier to flash. If you saw it, what that flash indicates is that they released barrier and pressed 1A+B+C. Alternatively, if they didn't have barrier held, you should see their barrier come and go very quickly.

Example using Azrael: While you have advantage, walk at your Opp for a step and a half, then use 6C. If they OS you'll see the flash. If not you'll get a counter hit as they whiff a throw while you're putting a foot in their face.

--Do they Fuzzy OS (1>7A+B>1A+B+C)?
Do as above in either instance, but recognize if they go into the air. Someone who fuzzy OSes is susceptible to lows (depends on how quick Opp can input 171) and attacks hitting during pre-jump frames. It's not the easiest to take advantage of, but knowledge is power

---Are they reacting to the throw, or to a situation / spacing / dash?
This one is hardest to nail down. If you can't see barrier flashes or TRM, your Opp is likely reacting to the throw. Conditioning plays a huge role in this and people who react to throws are generally susceptible to the introduction of the mix-up, but quickly learn to react to the throw after becoming familiar. That isn't to say that someone who reacts to throws can't be baited, but you have to think of it like a swimmer on a diving block having a false start. In other words, don't depend on it (unless they are bad at it I guess lol).

Putting it together

{{******* Techs when they think a throw is coming ******}}
Easiest to take advantage of. Something as simple as dashing into throw range / 5a> walk forward / waking up / landing from an air string will be enough to bait a throw. Unfortunately, SU doesn't have anything like jin 6B or Azrael 6C to bait raw grabs, but we can make do!

1. Rising j.A or j.B /// j.A is less risky, but j.B has higher reward. If you're confident they will throw, use j.B.

2. IAD over the throw and j.B>j.C /// Best option, but can only do this in the corner

3. Backdash>5B /// Hard to time, but looks sick. If you're on point, you can get a 5B CH out of it which leads to great reward

---Answers ~
1. This is BB, OS your damn throw! For the most part raw throws are dangerous and simple for most characters to bait. Raw teching still puts you into a TRM-able state too.

2. Guess Throw and OD. Throws have long CH recovery. If you guessed right, you'll net a nice CH punish

{{****** Throw OS ******}}
1. Delay you're throw by a bit(practice timing) and you'll get your TRM

2. Point blank or Dash in 5A>Kara /// 5A when you would throw and then kara. You'll get your TRM and feel like a genius. If Opp was barriering before hand, you'll need dash momentum or a micro walk to connect throw.

Different timings create different throws. Quickest kara nets you a purple that beats 6 frame normals. Slight delayed results in green throw (Harder for your Opp to react to if they didn't OS)

---Answers ~
1. OS>7>1A+B. With this you'll be in the air by the time they are throwing. Should be able to punish SU with an air normal too! Has some of the same risks as the Fuzzy OS, but that's how the mind game develops

2. OD. Same as the above

3. React! The only surefire method, but easily the hardest. SU 5A looks quite similar to his throw, so you don't have the luxury of throw startup + the tech period to react to.

4. Fuzzy OS. Almost exactly the same as 1, but in a different order. If SU 5A>Throw you should tech. If he just dashes then you end up in the air.

{{****** Fuzzy OS ******}}
1. Stagger a normal after the bait to catch jump start up(practice timing this) I prefer 2B because it gatlings into 5B which branches whatever you may need.

2. 3C. You can use this to catch the jump-out portion as well as buffered motions that don't include 1/2/3. Risky without unlocks or meter, but effective

3. IAD>j.A>throw. Hard call out that results in an aerial TRM, but it feels good and will likely scare your Opp

---Answers ~
Not much to say other than just be mindful. Fuzzy OS is powerful and can easily net you an advantaged situation. If you're getting tagged for trying it, just relax and try and push SU out

{{****** Reacting to the throw ******}}
1. Do obvious throw setup, but instead of throwing, toss a mix-up tool at them. Probably sounds obvious, but the understanding behind it is that you're opponent is likely focusing so hard on teching a throw that they won't be able to process something else happening in that moment.

Similar example of this concept: Azrael IADs in on you, you choose to block an air normal. Azrael lands with 2A, which hits, then uses 5D. 5D will have an extremely high hit percent because you were so focused on the absence of the air normal and got hit by a low, that you couldn't focus on blocking an overhead.

2. Don't focus on throws. Similar to the above, if you're opponent is focusing on teching, it takes away from their ability to react to other situations. Now you can get away with silly things like 5B>5B>IAD pressure resets.

---Answers ~
No real hard answers, at this point it just becomes mind games. Just remember that diverting your focus takes away from your ability to react to other options. Use those godlike reactions to the best of your ability


/// Conclusion ///

Susanoo mix-up obviously needs some adjustments, but it's serviceable if you're willing to put in effort and make soft reads. I think the characters neutral ability overcomes a lot of the weaknesses he has on offense, while proper unlocks, usage of mechanics, and character understanding can overcome his defensive short-comings.

Whether you're a Susan player, or not, I hope you learned something to help you on your FG path. GL HF

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